Sarah Burke Dies Following Halfpipe Injury

Champion free-skier helped create and bring attention to world of free-skiing.
1:55 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Sarah Burke Dies Following Halfpipe Injury
Tributes are pouring in this morning for champion skier Sarah -- nine days after a terrible crash one of the greatest years of her generation. Has died. -- the 29 year old Canadian. Didn't just conquer the sport of free skiing she virtually created. Decides that. That night I don't even know our best combining the skills of skiing with the -- of extreme snowboarding. Amazing work from server but this morning the sport she helped bring to life. Is mourning her death. And questioning how it happened. Sarah was doing something that was well within the realm of her. Abilities something -- trick which he had done many many times before. Nine days ago the six time X games gold medalist felt the bottom of this skiing run in Utah it's called -- super pipe. She'd been training the upcoming X games the fall was harrowing and brutal doctors say -- severed a vital artery and -- into cardiac arrest. But the damage to her brain was just too severe overnight a statement that read in part. The family wishes to express their deep gratitude to -- dear friends for their love. And support snowboarder Kevin Pearce was one of those friends he suffered a traumatic brain injury on the same course in 2009. And no longer competes. Is nothing -- about the sport so we're doing in Canada tricks -- -- accident will now inspired questions about the sports safety. Where over the years jumps have gone ever higher and the tricks. Become ever more dangerous despite those concerns this morning one thing is clear. No one's questioning the legacy of Sarah Burke the freestyle skiing world has lost. It's pioneer it's lost its Johnny Apple -- And speaking of that legacy thanks largely to Burke's efforts freestyle skiing will be an Olympic sport in 2014.

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{"id":15402284,"title":"Sarah Burke Dies Following Halfpipe Injury","duration":"1:55","description":"Champion free-skier helped create and bring attention to world of free-skiing.","url":"/GMA/video/sarah-burke-dies-halfpipe-injury-15402284","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}