Sarah Hyland's New Film Role in 'Vampire Academy'

Actress known for her part in "Modern Family" discusses role in super natural comedy.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sarah Hyland's New Film Role in 'Vampire Academy'
Vampire academy, electrifying new movie set in a hidden boarding school for vampires. They'll do anything to protect themselves. Gain control based on the best-selling series of the same name. Before we talk to one of its stars let's take a look. Alyssa. Oh, my god. Who would do something like this? I mean why? Go to the wall mat and talk to me. What? Yeah, okay. It's fresh and -- Can you tell me if it's royal? Don't be absurd. Said the girl licking the wall. There you go. That's a lot more of that coming. One of the stars Sarah Hyland I believe the one licking said wall. On "Modern family." Good to see you. 17-year-old girls, rose, Lisa, vampire, they've been on the run and now they're returning. Yes. St. Vladimir's academy, the vampire academy. What are we going to be seeing here? You're going to be seeing a lot of stuff. Clearly there's danger ensuing at vampire or St. Vladimir's, St. Vampire's that rose likes to call it. Two girls, best friends who are basically fighting the force of evil and there's explosions and sexy stuff and clearly weird wall licking from yours truly. You play Natalie, a daughter of the academy's elder. Your character, tell us about her. Natalie is very different from Haley. If you've ever seen the show you will be very surprised. I look very different. They put fake pimples and glasses and just like the grossest wardrobe that I love because I got to go to set and didn't care at all what I looked about. At all what I looked about. At all what I looked like so it was so much fun but she's very geeky and her best friend is a gossip because she doesn't have any friends. You were shooting this in London, your first trip overseas. What did you think of the land over the pond? Over the pond -- I loved it. It was so beautiful of I love history so even just walking down a random street I'm like, this is probably where people died fighting. I was just like -- I'm very strange and nerdy like this. You're on hiatus a you're working that hard really when you shut down on "Modern family" this is up and now you're back. How -- how good is it to return to that set, by the way? It's honestly like a vacation to me, like hiatus is the summer hiatus is like when I buckle down and like work and really try and like do stuff and then "Modern family" is just -- it's so, so much fun. Not that "Vampire academy" wasn't fun but it's just "Modern family" is so breezy and everyone loves each other and it's just so easy and because we've gotten so in the runs of it all so -- but I loved doing "Vampire academy." I would argue it all beats working for a living, some would say. She is one of the stars of "Vampire academy" in theaters February 17th. Sarah, thanks. Congrat. Thank you.

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{"id":22280443,"title":"Sarah Hyland's New Film Role in 'Vampire Academy'","duration":"3:00","description":"Actress known for her part in \"Modern Family\" discusses role in super natural comedy.","url":"/GMA/video/sarah-hylands-film-role-vampire-academy-22280443","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}