Sarah Palin Movie Under Fire

Palin and her supporters blasting what they say is a "work of fiction."
2:54 | 02/19/12

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Transcript for Sarah Palin Movie Under Fire
-- a firestorm of criticism from Hollywood to Washington over a controversial movie about the 2008 presidential campaign. It's promoted as a dock you drama but now Sarah Palin and her supporters are blasting the film. Sang -- should be labeled fiction the movie makers however are standing by their work. ABC's Mohammed relay is here with the story behind this widely anticipated film called game change good morning to you Mohammad good morning -- -- HBO's movies based on a best selling book written by two journalists in 2010. They say it's an honest behind the scenes look at what went wrong during the 2008 presidential race. If you are doing is seriously considered begun -- realize this culvert. This is there. HBO calls -- a dock you drama based on the last weeks of the failed 2008 Republican presidential campaign it's hot enough -- -- Lipstick and. And as uninformed unpredictable and unprepared for the national spotlight. Actually see Russia from land here in Alaska -- Palin supporters are lashing out demanding HBO we issue a disclaimer noting the film -- a fiction. In a statement on Palin's website they say HBO has distorted twisted and invented facts. They call -- the dock -- drama there is little don't tune in it it's not a documentary some things are compressed. But it's credible and she knows the people will believe it speaking on Fox News where she's now a contributor Palin insisted the film is falls. I honestly will not waste my time watching it -- Anchorage others to find something else more productive to do yeah. -- Yeah. Despite the criticism HBO is standing its ground saying the film's been thoroughly -- to not only by the journalists who wrote the book but also HBO's own research including first person interviews and news coverage. -- there's no denying a serious star power behind the film. Stars Julianne Moore an uncanny look -- is -- -- -- -- -- The Arizona Senator John McCain and -- and as McCain's chief strategist Steve Schmidt said. Palin herself is no stranger to the small screen having been -- need many times in the past like this gets on Saturday Night Live. I'm looking -- -- a portion of your question. This new film though clearly strikes a nerve. Threatening to reopen the wounds of a lost campaign. Back to -- us. Now Palin supporters are taking this so seriously they've posted their own photo gallery all -- from that 2008 campaign showing Palin it. Real campaign events smiling and laughing talking with ordinary Americans. They are calling that. The real game change because those events really happened in real life.

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{"id":15745438,"title":"Sarah Palin Movie Under Fire","duration":"2:54","description":"Palin and her supporters blasting what they say is a \"work of fiction.\"","url":"/GMA/video/sarah-palin-movie-fire-15745438","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}