'Saturday Night Live' Alumni Win at the Golden Globes

Host Amy Poehler wins for "Parks and Recreation" while Andy Samberg wins for his new show, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."
3:00 | 01/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Saturday Night Live' Alumni Win at the Golden Globes
golden globe awards. What a night it was for "saturday night live" alums, tina fey and amy poehler. Lara, you were backstage with one of those former cast members for one of the big winning moments. Had to be great to be there, lara. It was so great. I just kept thinking, lorne michaels must have been so proud last night with his kids, if you will, from "saturday night live" all but stealing the show. As hosts, presenters, and big winners. Amy poehler, "parks and recreation." I've never won anything like this. Reporter: It may have be a sunday night. Best night ever, and y samberg. Meryl streep is so brilliant in "august osage county" proving there are great parts in hollywood for meryl streeps over 60. Reporter: With his former co-host? Really? Really. Did he win? Poehler won. Is that what just happened? Oh, my gosh. Go see it. That's amazing. I mean, he has to go out. He had a better seat for andy samberg's surprise win. The show pulled major upset winning best comedy for the cast and crew. How nice that your friend seth could read your name. It made it all the more surreal and sweet. A groomsman at my wedding, seth meyers, gave me my award. And amy poehler, a big night. This doesn't happen without amy. I don't want to speak on their behalf. Our show might not exist without her. Reporter: We had a chance to sew a different side of the night's big winner. Thanks to this bowl and you at home. "Good morning america" viewers stormed facebook and had tons of great questions. We created the facebook fish bowl. Katie, do you prefer to spray-tan or not for the globes? Kate si, it's a very good question. No, the only time I spray-tan is when I'm going on holiday to the caribbean or somewhere warm, i want to be one of those guys that looks ready to go. I got the whitest legs you have ever seen. So katie, no spray tans. Really, no makeup. Yeah. Reporter: It's where the cast of "breaking bad" learned a little something new about their star. Libby harris says what size are your feet? Oh, wow. Libby. Libby. Hi. 17. I have freakishly long feet. Reporter: And jared leto shared his secrets to staying cool. What kips you calm before the show? I was with my brother. I think you have fun with it all. I'm happy to be part of the celebration.

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{"id":21514061,"title":"'Saturday Night Live' Alumni Win at the Golden Globes","duration":"3:00","description":"Host Amy Poehler wins for \"Parks and Recreation\" while Andy Samberg wins for his new show, \"Brooklyn Nine-Nine.\"","url":"/GMA/video/saturday-night-live-alumni-win-golden-globes-21514061","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}