'Save or Splurge': Fall Fashion Accessories

Lori Bergamotto compares top-dollar items with thrifty counterparts.
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Save or Splurge': Fall Fashion Accessories
We want to talk about two big must have accessories for fall. We're talking goodies and cross the body that otherwise known as a messenger bag and good these -- you can support both. Peter vibe while he wanted to give paying top dollar -- -- by being strip Peterson great options out there. Going to play a little game now we like to call -- splurge Lori -- a lot of contributing to our editor to Lucky Magazine is here how out. And let's start by talking about the hot accessories for all the must pass -- They -- most of our you know across crowded and an ankle -- are super urban chic and along with the -- bracelet -- the -- accessory yes for the fall. That's for you know I -- you love you some great stuff -- about having fun with fashion and everyone -- the deals so let me show you a -- hasn't got us a status -- c'mon ladies -- -- -- now yeah. I had really taken on new my eight. And it is in the form of the tells how one of these -- -- is more than some New York City which finally you can get it. Girl of the -- which -- -- the same kind of see that -- I didn't choose what -- muscle beach towns. Some and her attorney and I think this is must learn chess -- definitely and save on me Nadine did I have -- -- Donald -- holdings lettered signs she's wearing a pro windows -- -- that is over 2000. Dollars. In the Ralph -- -- and perforated. Another minute but look how similar -- look -- this have to happen bad under hundred dollars and Larry you're gonna die and I tell you. Those -- 37 dollars and JC Penney look at how. It's all about so whether he wanted out of his closest you can but look -- that he -- I. Didn't get a lot of debt ladies our next -- you can clearly tell the -- -- this. Now -- One of these beauty is in more than a car payment and wanted to not which girls and -- -- -- This is this game. And this is the -- The ladies of latter day and yes yeah. I don't know I need -- withholding this -- we have this. Crash is under sixty dollars an apparent goodies that are just 35 dollars an old -- compared to that how to crank collection -- that's almost 2000 dollars. -- -- -- -- -- Which really kicked off the -- -- 630 dollars a -- can really get and I got to take up close these people say well really the area so you kind of similar thing. But I wanted to do you want -- can -- thinking of the finally found let's do -- -- yeah ladies yeah. -- -- -- isn't good evening how nice -- Blasted our insanity that is the real. -- started back in the booty to the agony plastic large ones us -- I'm gonna go away at this is the splurge. And this is the saying Larry -- and Aaron. I -- and I -- using only her dad thought you're just aquinas that I have found the ad. Presently -- nothing you can get it she's. Her under sixty thank you so much -- -- -- not.

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{"id":17543626,"title":"'Save or Splurge': Fall Fashion Accessories","duration":"3:00","description":"Lori Bergamotto compares top-dollar items with thrifty counterparts.","url":"/GMA/video/save-splurge-fall-fashion-accessories-17543626","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}