Get 'Scandal' Looks for Less

Lucky magazine's Eva Chen shows you how to dress like Olivia Pope.
3:22 | 11/11/13

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Transcript for Get 'Scandal' Looks for Less
As you know, I had fun dressing up as olivia pope for our big halloween show. I was hoping I could keep the wardrobe. A little too pricey for the budget to be well dressed. The crisis manager gives everybody a serious case of wardrobe enviry week. If you thought you couldn't dress like here, well, think again. Now dress like her for less than $150. I love what you have on right now? Thank you. It's warm and cozy. Let's look at olivia pope's character. A plaid coat? This plaid coat is amazing. It's ralph lauren. It's from prefall. She's wearing it with max morrow pants. It's high fashion. With a high fashion price. It's possible to dress like her for less than $100. This is karen. Tell us what she's wearing. Hi. The coats with the shawl collar are warm and koezdy. This one is $60 from target. The wide-leg trousers from j.C. Penney for $40. I love the wide leg. Then we saw, at the white house correspondents dinner this gorgeous down. That was quite expensiexpensive. It's from ruben singer. Almost $4,000. It's a big style statement. It's a full-length gown. It was a black tie event. We saw the day to day version that people can wear on the day lay basis. I see it there. This dress is just $100. 118 from jessica simpson. What we love is it's graphic, color blocking. More wearable for every day. Most women are not going to black tie galas. We think she looks amazing. That's a little more practical. Thank you very much. And the final look. The sharp white blazer that we often see olivia pope wearing here. It's funny. You look at her, she dresses in shades of black, white, and grey. A little white jacket we think is a must-have for every woman. We found a real-life version of the white jacket. Here we see the grays. The black, white, and grey motif. This jacket is $35 from h & m. It's wearable. Every woman should have a look like this or go to office 101 look. The price. The price is so much better. The t-shirt is $36. The pants, $79.50. Let's have all the models come out. The gladiators unite look. The december issue of "lucky" hits news stands next week. Coming up, the big moment is timely he

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{"id":20850357,"title":"Get 'Scandal' Looks for Less","duration":"3:22","description":"Lucky magazine's Eva Chen shows you how to dress like Olivia Pope.","url":"/GMA/video/scandal--20850357","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}