Behind the Scenes at 'GMA 40 for 40': Introducing the 'Glam Squad'

Hear beauty tips and secrets from the hair and makeup artists of GMA.
12:36 | 11/18/15

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Transcript for Behind the Scenes at 'GMA 40 for 40': Introducing the 'Glam Squad'
When begin in what time do we get in 5515. This is Deion out of this is out and Deion that you can confirm I don't wake up like that she doesn't make up like this. Next season via phone till I wouldn't be anywhere that use so you do my hair every morning so talk a little bit about. What. How you get it to look like this able to my finger products and I love Amy in these hair is. One of them is it's it's and breaking get that any local Harmon CDS. The other one is the emblem bubble thickening hairspray. It's it's and it does a couple of different things of the text from heat and conditions a hair and moisturizing is. A anti tank that does a lot of different things you're natural you're you're natural on the at this television then yeah are you nervous all right now a lot of I. The sum outlook beginning hairspray. IPad at the real and it's wet and it thickens the hair and again is that a lot of volume but it doesn't lay it down and doesn't get sticky likeness so look these are really dead for all different and I love that this line. But wait smells so good like I love the way it smells and it's. Fairly inexpensive it's not a really like a subtle salon product at cost crazy amounts of money it's not an expensive than anybody can take it adding it at CBS Harmon's. Doing buried any. Act dinosaur a huge endorsement but you know I would be anywhere thank you so thank you Deanna for all of that you do and then Val here. Is my make up artist who also can confirm I don't wake up like this and in fact I'm loving some of these products you have got on blur seat because energy amazed turning forty but for those those who are already in our fourth decade we need lots of blurring of the line so belts Tommie Wyatt what you do. We look like I'm more awake than I actually am. Well for Suisse art with. About I mean learning. Creating a picnic we're look at my reaction annihilated I know right now me and I'm on about blending and and just using different products for different things so I shadows sometimes going cheeks ashes go on eyes. Is to put my regular eye shadows on it and then I go in with they haul. That the blush over the eyelid and then lend to all out with. Finishing patter. I like using different things I like to think that you know what we do each and every day people really care about what I have to say. And in the news were trying to get people bitten the majority of the tweets I received. From a lot of you are like what I'm make up do you have on so can you can you tell the did viewers here on what I'm make a good best bet is only my number one question why I'm Blake at sensed that the smoky eyes my signature elect can act at its. And well you can see it takes a lot like there's all sorts. I love the urban decay pallets they have I think the have a four and now they have long called smokey eyes now that is urban decay. Naked for and I use on emea used that to you and three. And I love of the cap on. But she has great TV Emeka great TV eye shadows I'm very matte colors. And the son he's like this like the cap on deep blush over Amy's eyes and then at the and then what I. And it's and I always lying in his eyes and a coloring that this is just no matter what we do no matter what your wearing I'll do it got very smoky plan. And then at the very end it right. Machine disciplined out all the line so it's almost like a go over all behind me got. Although in sometimes over your entire island with the powder and sometimes then I'll take a break can splash and they go over them for her. Just pop you can tell did this is. She isn't here is not on her I had to get it right and so it away from the eyes that could got to like without you at ten minutes value of five minutes value have two minutes and like we're running at. Out the door like up but she you know she's an artist she can't be just although. To take a little tour dubbed hope. Hi guys think you know. Oh look at look at rob did not prodigy did you didn't wouldn't want no know. You're just naturally I always like to go somewhere else then it's time. I'm. Like yeah. It is we have a lot. Of special surprises. In each of these rooms. And Robin's nest is right there and then this is Robin's dressing and just just a little walk down from me he wanted to go in the right. Robbins team here we have put Sula and we have Dana. And we want to know. All the secrets why and how and do what it takes to make Robin Roberts. What she is each hip and mourning we see at 7 AM well. Robin as the beautiful person to begin with so that makes it really easy. And she's a great campus because she does sit still. Yeah. I'm leaning his make up artist so I don't we don't have to worry about things like that. And she that we tag team and he that they had to that make up and we kind of have like a rip them if she moves we move along with her. But she doesn't move abruptly what is Robin likely what's her signature look we what do you say when you're doing her make applicant that is rocket. Well. Confidence should look is more natural. Looking. And then up play depending on the outfit that she's wearing. But she's a natural seek. You know. I yeah I agree I sit I sit really cluster everyday I can see that make up his flawless but you're you are starting with a very good campus and like you said that. All right and that the to a tell me about Robin's hair. She sports a short. Lived here kayak and down. Yes. It's split it's not bad haircut and it's so easy it's flexible right now it's something like the full hot but we just look at Indy music bellhop. Mohawk the full half. But a lot of people that what is Robin he would cut the but the like the saw live here cuts and now we look to give a name to it though if anyone they want to name the cut. They can it's at this basically it and down. Every morning into Afghanistan and it would hydrate the he would swim leave and and I use vacant its light flexible he has Parikh has had that he would at a less if a couple days casinos we have he would debate which you bag and he let he had done. As every day putting the heat and they hand you have to have a couple of days you have to give him good. Condition and shampoo and Robin it's very good with bad she always makes he's important. I know that she relies and trusts on the suit you so much each and every day's a thank you for all you do and I love name Robbins Erika. That could be a little hash tag we can see what people have to say and then we have another big make up room where. Oh wait I'll stand straight down there I know you guys who saw him but I haven't seen and yet so before we go into this other maker from can I just. Indulge me a little it here because I have to talk to him. All a well I'll. Pay nothing like yeah. I merger delete the music that. It's going good you talking you with a microphone in my Atlantic Atlanta and it puts out every. We can we just be us they're doing it to be extra nice in the gambling awkward. Amazing. You guys all first off how do you feel I don't really look at you look gorgeous thank you out there you. The billboard is you know as a handsome man. Very very good Hatcher handsome man and very very good he's working in Jersey right now I think senior getting on to grab he is at point B are teens get kind of explode. Two yes he did kind of a lot yes I remember that. So let's go to one. What what are you doing today like with what I was just taking everyone through an agent or make up around him showing up everyone's glands. I live every one car. Yeah I don't just use one make or break Michael we and then get a touch up get a full faith and get hair done you know it takes to retriever. I'm remember her being and I really you know I am warning I'd be laying on the counter in the morning because we would. Like this crew would come and stay at my house until 11 o'clock. I don't know what 1130 or midnight knowing that we all had to get up to 4:5 in the morning and so I'm older and everybody else. So might be laying on the countertop there waiting for them to get makeup done. Not feeling so bad beavers are not asking for a little bit of something I might have been on a couple of not more than more than a couple of so live it with your hair what but the thing that you did it had to have exactly right when he went into the maker for around Kitchener. No I think it's just covering it all up like cedar kind of see it wrong right now it's not the fun part but no I think it's just kind of getting a smooth polished finish on there. And dole it out there appears. We know it's all your smile. That's been his and that's it needn't around here and issue smile well did backstage where we were talking about as Robin was saying you know we want engine meet the crew. This stuff the stuff in the hallway in the morning is what makes it fun. Stopping in checking on everybody you know because it really is it clicks are sweating. Com but you can just walk in every room CO everybody's doing and everybody kind of like needs in different places they need to do the show together. Now that's evil continuing it continue to downstairs in front of the cameras like this actually can I do actually wanna talk to you I can we can like. We'll have a live now they're Martinis under actually get the idea Domenici Domenici there an hour and you are eight to you're putting thanked Kai. Actually just happened like scene I actually just saw Sam after you know months of missing him are you look catch up later pretty don't hear and see this is the big game. Make up room this is where a lot of our guest Tom is we're George comes in the morning sand this is this is Chris Sam was laying. On warnings where he was hurting a little bit from having a little bit too much on the night before he was describing that. Remember stamp. He remembers that this is broke but this is maxed out but the numbers gambling raid yeah just right in our hands and Kmart and doesn't and seeing you all. Kind of take care of everybody and you actually do a lot of men I don't know if everyone knows. How much make up men have to Wear on camera but it's fairly significant you'd be surprised the same thing aged women actually due to man minus the false eyelash at some minus eyelashes most of the time but they still get the same and that foundation. And do and you aren't it never awkward at first it if someone who comes in they stay out all holidays I think. For that at Connecticut yankees need a cameraman maybe not used to putting makeup on into the ever resistant they nandan and in an. You know you're not used to read I think it could be a little weird because you're not gonna walk around like that but for television for me it's normal because I do its people every day but. I could see how it could be. Kind of weird it. What did Allen Ron sir you jus like you know do you contours encore energy hillcats. Why don't give everyone cheekbones. Take with a doubled its hand. Highlight content to our you know the work and it really isn't permanent about skin care at the end of the day I mean we we can cover up a little bit more probably than the men can. But it's about taking care of your skin what do you suggest. I think that there's only so much that make up can do so I am a firm believer and that washing your face. Every night and never go to sleep with my makeup on I always thus making is I think eating rain. Drinking a lot of water helps not drinking alcohol. Yes all of that yes I agree classic characters and yet it's the only thing happened right in the next you are doing everyone's hair and get you very specific time constraints. Tell me what you did any suggestions for people like how to how to keep things. Looking natural and good in yet camera ready. Good haircut goes a long way he you know sampling your hair with their products to be superior breed well there's always conflicting information you don't want to overdo it in dry out your hair but it's important to have clean healthy hair with the not with not a lot of buildup it makes your job a little bit easier death linked cook irate. Max in front thank you think you all the glanced lot to meet. A lot of good tips here and more for you of course you can always continue to tweet me ask me you know what you see that I beat up for you wary. We will definitely antsy about.

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{"duration":"12:36","description":"Hear beauty tips and secrets from the hair and makeup artists of GMA.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35281839","title":"Behind the Scenes at 'GMA 40 for 40': Introducing the 'Glam Squad'","url":"/GMA/video/scenes-gma-40-40-introducing-glam-squad-35281839"}