The Science of Shopping

Researchers study shoppers in order to improve the overall experience.
3:35 | 12/10/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Science of Shopping
Right in the -- of holiday shopping season right now you might even be headed out. To the mall with -- -- later today. And if you hit the -- today be aware that as you check out the goods the stores are checking you out. As you navigate the mall during your holiday shopping you've probably don't know it. I have been -- -- nothing but retailers are finding ways some of -- secret. To literally read the fine in order to create a future shopping experience. That may look a lot like -- Tom Cruise movie minority. And attention. Get a sense of how this works I went shopping with Adam and -- in Manhattan. All of us outfitted with special bracelets that measure our enthusiasm. -- things like body temperature motion and harboring. -- As the ladies rather than make up bio they were not particularly excited that month. The winner among Apple's -- and then we get to the shoes are. This is -- -- Well Addie and Katie tried on -- their bodies enthusiasm levels spike through the roof. Stay -- increasingly as I said on the couch waiting mind drop. If you look at my tan line they're trying Hughes. I'm losing -- -- really really -- John Ross runs a company called shoppers sciences your entire business. Getting in my mind -- like Erica. That's exactly right which gathers this data to help companies know which parts of their stores work well so customers by more. I wore the bracelet as they shop for a gift for my wife Bianca the purple luggage set. What we've been that high levels were pretty flat in the luggage and -- -- sanctions. Until minutes salesperson namely an -- who tried to sell -- slow and coffee -- I think she would like he's hearing review gave these these are great but here's where my levels really took. I think the best if give the end it would be Diana where this. -- -- Christmas -- John Ross and his troops that shoppers scientist can not only read our bodies there it is that also are facing through facial recognition technology. These two check this out as they shopped online -- could tell I was put off by the prices it's Tiffany -- prices. -- -- -- -- -- -- Around your interest beside the boy you're disagreeing -- your sister spiking and intrigues. By the idea of adopting my life a cat from the ASPCA. So you're open to the idea this sends. -- pretty -- this program also ready -- and here didn't like his bag your teeth. Yes the -- and went Stephanie found addressed behavior. You're disagreeing scored for the storm -- it would -- This facial recognition technology. -- now being secretly placed in front of display cases at stores all over America telling retailers what you were thinking and you -- the good. They know little creepy. What could be -- But that experience is actually more about improving the experience it's not about invading our privacy he insists it's about making your shopping experience. Hyper personalized. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. For you to retailers know your size your preferences your mood and your budget. So they can get you that holidays letter in the most efficient -- possible.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Researchers study shoppers in order to improve the overall experience. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15127822","title":"The Science of Shopping","url":"/GMA/video/science-shopping-15127822"}