More Former Scientology Members Share Their Stories

The battle between ex-sitcom star Leah Remini and Scientology continues to escalate.
2:28 | 01/07/17

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Transcript for More Former Scientology Members Share Their Stories
cc1 This morning, dispatches from the front lines of the war over scientology. On "20/20" we heard a report about the battle between Leah remini and the church in which she was raised and this morning, new stories of people who have also left this controversial church. On her new show Leah remini rocketed to fame on "The king of queens" and crisscrossed the country harvesting tales of people like her who left the church of scientology. I went through hell. Oh, my god. Let's stop for a minute. How would you describe the show. I would describe the show as a documentary on the abuses of the church of scientology. Reporter: This morning some other ex-scientologists ABC news met including one person within remini's own family. Her stepfather George Marshall is part of a 1345u8 group of church defectors who still believe in scientology but reject the current leadership. You had a problem with the way the church was being run. Yeah, it was too expensive. It cost an ungodly amount of money and I didn't think it should have cost that much. My stepfather still practices it outside of the organization which is considered what they call a squirrel group. So if you use the technology outside of the church you are a squirrel. Yeah. Yeah. And so I am a squirrel. It's their term for heretic a term coined by L. Ron Hubbard because he said they're nuts stwaeling and perverting the church's original technology. We found a so-called squirrel group deep in the woods of southern Georgia. Edge registers a resistance to a pulse of electricity. Church has been known to beset about people doing what I do. That's true. Nobody has ever really bugged me but I think it's because I'm out in the middle of nowhere. Reporter: Leah remini no longer practices any form of scientology she says and says wherever disillusioned former members may be it is for them that she keeps going. You're not going away. Oh, I'm not going away. That's for insure. We spoke to the church about Leah remini's new show and point out she's paid for her role as the executive producer of this new A&E and dismiss her in harsh terms as a failing actress spreading lies about her former religion for money and for attention. As she said in that piece she's not going away. Speaking of not going away

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"The battle between ex-sitcom star Leah Remini and Scientology continues to escalate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44618800","title":"More Former Scientology Members Share Their Stories","url":"/GMA/video/scientology-members-share-stories-44618800"}