'Scouted' Transforms Regular Girls Into Models

E! television show finds potential talent in the most unlikely spots.
5:59 | 01/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Scouted' Transforms Regular Girls Into Models
Now to what it takes to find the next runway superstar we have some possibilities -- behind me right now. Specializing in people exactly what it takes spotting the supermodel potential for the most unlikely places ABC's theoretically -- up. What -- -- scalp with them here's a look. They -- tall thin and gorgeous it. We'll bring fashion to life in magazines and on -- -- They are super models so glamorous even songs are written about them. Now a new show called scout is on he is setting out to making dreams come true and -- all of us not just tell models are discovered but how they're made to. -- you know. Like a model. The cast is led by creative director Michael Flutie a professional model scout in New York. With his team of pros very -- a former model Julius -- -- casting director and stylist Danny -- Back wow. They find in transform every day beauties in two models launching their careers and setting them on the road to stardom. Faster so you'd -- like really -- But a career in modeling is not as easy is it may seem the bar is high and the criticism is fierce she says -- you better believe that girls don't home. To see -- Michael -- -- I joined him on scouting New York. The -- big names. He discovered they know that they have them toward it. Factor a lot of growth truly have no idea Michael easily found girls with potential -- -- -- but he knew just as quickly when they didn't have the right stuff five. I'm Michael what about Myers said you know. Now she of the heroes those ordinary and then walked off he spotted business student this stuff he had getting out of -- -- oxy Scott. -- good morning about how. And suddenly Michael started to find others Allegra working at a local cupcake -- that women come back. And in nursing student named -- What's driving. They were all taken to his studio where a serious transformation began. All of them -- a nickel could not. And -- just changing their hair and applying makeup. It's cool -- love that those learning what to Wear. Hello there -- hiatus I think he'll laid back kind of look at how to walk and now we need to walk like a -- And -- -- set them apart it is showing. Number one please take a -- -- because of about -- see your entire body wow it's a make over that not only emphasizes their beauty but what it takes to make his career. For Good Morning America will not go drink -- C news we'll. -- not wait for that -- looks first let's meet the man believed -- -- model making T Michael Flutie who has been instrumental. It -- -- supermodels such as Stephanie Seymour and Cindy Crawford but I'm just dropping names. Good to see you thank you very much and I -- glam squad right here behind and I couldn't about it without grabbed -- amazing things -- people can't do that takes a village referendum but the challenge Elizabeth. They worked for. I was Good Morning America go and find three supermodel about it like come on we've managed to -- find incredible incredible women and innocent until Allah Allah is our first -- -- nursing student come on out. School lets -- -- -- Here they accentuated the opposite of that -- the color of the hair we added more volume. See that retro look if it looks like you know Saturday night fever meets modern times which is what fashion is such an -- History and the actual -- -- today and that's -- you have. Only see you before -- haven't seen now so what do you thing. It's amazing it was an amazing -- and I feel totally. Glamour and we got here at. Yeah. Isn't but he's not when you -- you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- His words he's got that -- are -- I mean come out this chair. Yeah OK. And Kevin Randolph and could have showed -- -- had to Begin let's read -- -- one half an -- he's had an amazing faith in the beautiful body. And -- the great new look. Yeah. And yeah. -- would you -- -- that that's you have like oh my god where you come home. I love it thank you -- him to leave it. What happened -- you look fantastic thing you literally do could -- Yeah. Please leg and I love the name -- -- see this silhouettes in the regular within a model -- schools and he had -- let's job I'm. And -- expense related obviously -- to the beautiful today its imperfection never know that makes it really beautiful with cutting off darkened it. And she looks like somebody from Italy are your -- and very European friends. And it's fashion this is what fashioned -- -- all about had electric he seemed a little -- coming in another run. What do you thing. I love it I'm just adapting and in. Fell -- volume all models please call -- models. I'm -- -- you thank you very much coming I'll have evidence they didn't see Michael and his team of Scott and body heat television we'll be right back. -- -- --

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{"duration":"5:59","description":"E! television show finds potential talent in the most unlikely spots. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15304196","title":"'Scouted' Transforms Regular Girls Into Models","url":"/GMA/video/scouted-transforms-regular-girls-models-15304196"}