Screen Team Online Parody Couple Gets Engaged

Chad Nicholas and Angie Griffin discuss the surprise engagement in their latest online video.
3:05 | 03/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Screen Team Online Parody Couple Gets Engaged
On the I would like you -- don't have to meet chat Nicholas and -- Griffin. They met online militant different parts of the country and they start creating weekly parody videos under the -- screen. Team. Making their latest an original song called -- love so let's see and. -- Well in that. -- video at the very end Chad surprised Angie. -- This isn't surprised yeah it's a surprise here -- that video. And she said yes. I want they were saying at Disneyland very nice but I love I love it -- something that goes on now out there that folks can meet. Online that -- parody videos live in different cities meeting today that you guys -- live -- this morning so why am I telling your story to. Angie tell us -- that's why -- I congratulations by the way -- -- We need not be pretty -- Additional. And -- because of pure parody videos and Tijuana no did you did you think it was just a part of all of the parody video when he got bended knee or. Did something change that let you. -- that this was for real. I mean I had no idea is completely shocked when he got into the end I was stuck they it is up his. Awesome my favorite -- and video his or her reaction. I celebrate our friend shot that. Have you got -- and I envision yourself -- wearing costumes for some core portion of the Whiting. Some yeah. -- this year is met online and so did you -- relationship go from total strangers meeting on lines. This wonderful and -- apparently rather intense collaboration and and it's not just a love match anything thank you guys have a wonderful artistic partnership. Where where did that come from. Hear what I was I was living in Wisconsin she was California and we did eleven trips. Back and forth to see each other and finally we decided to you know our first date was actually Disneyland. So that's why I chose Disneyland -- location but you know we're we both just share a love her all things geeky in that sort of thing and we've always loved -- Music and movies and so it was kind of a natural company -- and we started doing -- -- -- we kind of -- written movie reviews and removed him to do it was. Do we have a big -- and we happen to have a -- -- -- -- but just a lot of talk about what we should do you know -- yeah yeah -- on the date and the constant. -- Please -- And thank you guys somebody for durable qualifies as the Jamie alive exclusive -- and by the way my -- Like unique -- -- thank you for sharing.

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{"id":18648854,"title":"Screen Team Online Parody Couple Gets Engaged","duration":"3:05","description":"Chad Nicholas and Angie Griffin discuss the surprise engagement in their latest online video.","url":"/GMA/video/screen-team-online-parody-couple-engaged-18648854","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}