Seal, Heidi Klum on Divorce Rumors

Model, singer confirm split, say busy careers contributed to their separation.
2:18 | 01/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Seal, Heidi Klum on Divorce Rumors
New details on a troubled celebrity marriage once considered to be one of the happy -- Hollywood. -- model Heidi Klum and singer seal headed for big split and now for the first time that -- high power couple is speaking out. AB c.'s B -- intrigue has the latest. Just like in fashion and Hollywood marriages Monday and and the next -- you're out. One of entertainment's hottest couples is calling it quits model Heidi Clooney and singer seal confirming overnight but their marriage is over decent is candies -- real surprise because -- -- -- we see me as very. Tightening couple who were devoted to their families in a statement first released of People Magazine the couple says. While we have enjoyed seven very loving loyal and happy years of marriage after much soul searching we had decided to separate. Shocking given how inseparable the couple seemed to beat. Here they are singing together its Victoria's Secret fashion show in 2007. The power couple was first engaged in 2000 and -- during a vacation in the Canadian Rockies in an -- no less and famously renewed their thousand lavish ceremonies each year something including gushed about -- Diane Sawyer on GMA -- had married five times already. Yeah it's so -- time. Together the couple has three children. And it 2009. Seal officially adopted claims eldest daughter from a previous relationship. Celebrity blogs were on red alert after the -- from -- -- singer took to Twitter on Friday. Posting a cryptic -- simply saying the end. Along with a photo of his tattoo with wings some wondering if the image was a reference to hiding dates as a Victoria's Secret Angel. When he issues the couple was taking it was that distance was really tearing them apart they both had very busy careers. The couple released few details overnight saying only. We have had the deepest respect for one another throughout our relationship. And continue to love each other very much but we have grown apart com. Good Morning America beyond an -- three day ACC. Expressed a lot of people -- we wish them both the very mastering studio time.

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{"id":15420297,"title":"Seal, Heidi Klum on Divorce Rumors","duration":"2:18","description":"Model, singer confirm split, say busy careers contributed to their separation.","url":"/GMA/video/seal-heidi-klum-speak-divorce-rumors-15420297","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}