Sean O'Pry: The Hottest Man in the World

Fashion model joins "GMA" to discuss his success, good looks.
3:00 | 09/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sean O'Pry: The Hottest Man in the World
Bianna, modelling is one of those industries dominated by women. When I saw this photo six months ago, something struck me, i needed to know this guy's name. I found an intelligent and charming guy. He can almost be mistaken for a mere mortal. But under that backward baseball cap, you catch those eyes, the incredible cheekbones and within matters, the southern boy transforms. He has vamped for vogue. Six campaigns with gap alone. His perfect bod is regular on catwalks and covers around the globes. He's even been featured in a madonna music video. Ranked number one on models.Com. He's at the top of his game. There's no typical day in a model's life. 8:30. Get a coffee first. But on this day it's bright and early to a photo shoot. Even a supermodel needs a little touch-up. And a trim. Powerful. From being goofy to downright gorgeous, he simply evolved from shoot to shoot to runway to runway. His diamond status on delta is earned. He travels over 200,000 miles a year. He grew up in small town of kennesaw, georgia. His moment of discovery, a judge from america's next top model, found him on myspace. There's this guy. Days later, he signed with model management. Let's look through your book. Within weeks the 17-year-old from the peach state was on his own in the big apple. I was up in new york. Exclusive for new york. It's a hectic life for those striking blues and pillowy lips. He's not been in one place more than two weeks. When he has time off he likes to play. So we played along. As far as me, whoo. Yeah. High five through the net. Net five. And he golfs too. Bring your shoulder down and up. It's all in the hips. That one went high. It did. And it also went very right. I don't have -- he's talking about the hit film "zoolander." He said that movie didn't make it any easier to prove that male models are more than just eye candy. I want to go to school. What do you want to study? Marine biology. That's an antistereotype. A glamorous career and earning millions at just 23. He seems to have it all. But the georgia native says there's a lot more to like. Do you feel like you're missing out on anything? Yeah, reality. I have been very blessed. At the end of the day, I can't wait to go back to kennesaw. This is just a chapter. All right. He's here. Come on out, meet america. Welcome. How are you. Ladies. Oh, my good zmrns this is a surprise. A complete surprise. He's such a gentleman. The day with you was so much fun. I learned a lot about you. You're humble for a couple reasons. One, being you got dumped for prom. I got dumped for prom. What are you doing these days? I think she quite enjoys it. I have a question, why do you always pout in these pictures? You never see male models walking down the runways smiling.You is such a great smile. The pout is in right now. The guys over there are very interested in this piece. Reality is overrated. Stick with what you got. The pout. It's not easy, though. He hasn't had a day off in six months. It's that time of life, right? It's a whirlwind. You take your breaks when you get them. Great to have you here. Thank you. Fun piece. Thank you for bringing ginger the flowers. She deserves them. And it's not letting up anytime soon.

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{"id":17247806,"title":"Sean O'Pry: The Hottest Man in the World","duration":"3:00","description":"Fashion model joins \"GMA\" to discuss his success, good looks.","url":"/GMA/video/sean-opry-hottest-man-world-17247806","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}