Search for Missing Plane Moves to Western Coastline

New theory says Malaysia Airlines flight may have banked hard, traveled hundreds of miles over land.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for Search for Missing Plane Moves to Western Coastline
behind this video. And, good morning, America. This Malaysia flight mystery continues to deepen. This e-mail surfacing overnight from an oil rig worker off the coast of Vietnam. He says he saw an object burning in the sky 10 to 15 seconds and our partner in the bbc is reporting that they're sending aircraft into those waters to check it out. Malaysian officials at the press conference this morning trying to clarify earlier reports now saying that they were tracking a plane in a very different location, the waters west of Malaysia. Remember this yesterday. Picked up a radar signal but they are not sure it was this jet. So a lot to clear up five days after the crash. Let's get right to the breaking details with ABC's would be wood woodbob woodruff. Reporter: It was 27,000 square miles. It's split between the east, north and the west of Malaysia. And there are now 12 countries participating in all of this, of course, the United States is one of them. They're just trying to find that plane. This morning, the search widening as Malaysian officials say they last saw flight 370 at 2:15 A.M. In the strait of malacca off the west coast of Malaysia but the plane signal spotted was not emitting any kind of distress signal. I'd like to confirm that our immediate purpose is to find the aircraft. Unless we get the aircraft and the black box. Reporter: Overnight Indian officials say Malaysian authorities asked them to join the search looking for wreckage near the andaman sea and they've told ABC news they scaled back their efforts to a less intensive search and our partner at the bbc saying Vietnamese authorities received an e-mail from an oil worker who spotted a burning object near where he works on this oil rig. ABC news confirmed the sender of the e-mail michael Mckay works on that oil rig. Malaysian authorities saying they have not ruled out the possibility that the flight carrying 239 passengers en route to beijing may have banked hard to the west over the gulf of Thailand traveling hundreds of miles over land into the malacca straits though they denied earlier reports they could confirm the turnaround. All right, good night were some of the last words from the pilots as they took off. What happened an hour later remains an mystery as officials admitted they are no closer to finding the wreckage. Confusion and chaos. Some say the investigation is being mishandled. ABC's Gloria Riviera spoke with Malaysia's air force on the phone. Can you clarify for me why they are not able to release date to or a time line? No comment. No comment. Reporter: Now another possibility. Last month the aff issued an airworthiness warning after reports of possible cracking of the fuselage skin could lead to rapid decompression or oxygen loss in the cabin causing loss of structural integrity of the airplane. Experts say the same concerns would apply to flight 370 even though it was a slightly older model. Now, some of those family members have told us they've been trying to call the cell phone of those loved ones in the plane and they said they heard them ring but the experts say that doesn't necessarily mean those phones are really ringing and working. Sometimes you just hear that. That's about all they're really getting information on right now. Robin? Okay, bob, thank you.

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{"id":22874831,"title":"Search for Missing Plane Moves to Western Coastline","duration":"3:00","description":"New theory says Malaysia Airlines flight may have banked hard, traveled hundreds of miles over land. ","url":"/GMA/video/search-missing-plane-moves-western-coastline-22874831","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}