Seasonal Style: Step Into Fall

Lucky magazine editor Eva Chen offers fashion advice for the upcoming season.
4:02 | 08/07/14

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Transcript for Seasonal Style: Step Into Fall
All coming up. Also coming up, fall, autumn. Just around the corner. As the weather changes so should your wardrobe. ABC's Sara Haines checked in with "Lucky" magazine's Eva Chen to see what everybody will be wearing for a stylish season. Reporter: Get ready to pack away your summer swimwear and start shopping for fall's hottest fashion trend, pants. Pants seem like they'd be boring but there's a lot going on. Reporter: "Lucky" magazine's Eva Chen breaks down the must have. Denim with a twist. We are looking back at the revival of the patchwork Jean. Reporter: What does that mean. Any jeans that are about to fall apart put -- Reporter: Track pants. Yes, very chic. Not Jane lynch in "Glee." No. Reporter: Finally a blast from the past. Culottes. You feel so skeptical. I feel like I've been/campaign to get you in them. The freedom of a pant with the prettiness of a skirt so you can dash down the street, cross your legs. Do lunges in them. Can you do lunges this them. ? Reporter: It was time to put these trends to the test. Tell me about these patchwork jeans. It's exactly what it sounds like, jeans with patches on them. You could DIY this. Go buy patches and slap them on the holes. There you go. On trend for the next season. Reporter: This is not what I thought when I thought of a track pant. The key to wearing track pants, you don't want to wear it with a sweatshirt. You want to wear it with a heel or something more feminine so it elevates the look. I'm learning from you. Tell me about these culottes. Easy, breezy. Wear it with a t-shirt or out at night with a heel security council still kept Cal I tried on a few pair and to my surprise these are great. I converted you. I'm a full convert. Yay. All right. Sara is here with "Lucky" magazine editor Eva Ven both sporting culottes. We sure are. I didn't believe her and I actually like hem. They look great and love them paired with these amazing shoes that are all the rage this fall. Tell me what we're wearing? We're all wearing printed heels which is a huge trend especially when paired with culottes. I'm disappointing you're not wearing them? One at a time, Eva. I'm wearing pink camo flats. That's something. They're comfortable. They're chic and make a statement. All you need to make a strong sore electoral statement. We have this -- I love these. These are splurge and save. And we can guess which is which. The printed heels Rupp. Tell us. Printed heels are huge. It's a ladylike statement but at the same time you're saying something with these printed heels so on our right, we have J. Crew, they're $298. That tropical print is really huge for fall and you'll continue seeing it in many different stores. You can wear it with anything. With jeans, black pants, with a suit. That's all you need with a black suit. On the other side you have shoes from nasty gal, $55, Dorsay pumps. Sneakers, we have a splurge and save as well. Sneakers are super great. They're the chic trend. Every fashion editor is wearing them. One from Schutz and camo pair from forever 21 for $25. Printed loafers. And plats are super hot. Sam Edelman played and classic animal print. Our statement bracelets on a statement print. Pinterest is buzzing with tons of statement bracelets. More the merrier. Layer them on. Thank you so much, Eva. Thank you, Sara, as always. Find out more about the looks you just saw at our website on Yahoo! We want to know how do you wear

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Lucky magazine editor Eva Chen offers fashion advice for the upcoming season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24877182","title":"Seasonal Style: Step Into Fall","url":"/GMA/video/seasonal-style-step-fall-fashion-24877182"}