Seattle Twins Allegedly Try to Kill Their Father

Investigators say Bill Bledsoe's sons confessed to trying to burn him alive.
2:15 | 09/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Seattle Twins Allegedly Try to Kill Their Father
half hour with an extraordinary family drama. Twin brothers, locked up right now and charged with trying to kill their dad. A man they lived and worked with. Prosecutors say the sons were fed up with their dad. But wait until you hear what the father has to say about this. Aditi roy joins us with the details. Hey, aditi. Reporter: Good morning, bianna and dan. That father is standing by his sons. Bill says he will not abandon his children. But investigators say his twins have confessed to trying to burn their father alive. I don't like it. It hurts my heart. It hurts me as a person. Reporter: Bill bledsoe's lungs are healing from smoke inhalation. But it's heart that's hurting more, after police say his twin sons tried to kill him. His home and business, charred from a fire investigators say 25-year-old calleb and joshua bledsoe set while they're father was sleeping. The brothers live and work with their dad. Probably not the easiest guy to live with. But I'm probably not the easiest guy to work for. Reporter: In court documents, police say the twins agree. According to investigators, during a confession, the twins said their father is, quote, difficult to live with and work for. The brothers were also quoted as saying, they initially grabbed a shotgun and thought they would bury their father in a hole before allegedly deciding to set the fire. That's what they told me. But I have a hard time believing that. You can ask anybody in this town. We have a real close relationship. Reporter: Bledsoe is fiercely loyal to his sons. Even after documents say firefighters found an improvised explosive, a fuel canister that had shotgun shells taped to it. My sons called 911. If they wanted to burn me up or make me a piece of bacon, why wouldn't they have put the gas onhe bed? Reporter: Investigators believe the evidence is stronger than a father's faith. My boys are my boys. And I'll never abandon them and not support them. Reporter: The twins are scheduled to be arraigned at the end of the month. They're being held on $1 million bail on suspicion of first-degree attempted homicide, first-degree arson and possession of improvised explosives.

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{"id":20327410,"title":"Seattle Twins Allegedly Try to Kill Their Father","duration":"2:15","description":"Investigators say Bill Bledsoe's sons confessed to trying to burn him alive.","url":"/GMA/video/seattle-twins-allegedly-kill-father-bill-bledsoe-20327410","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}