Secret Deals and Steals for 'GMA' Viewers

Tory Johnson tells you where to find the best deals on your favorite things.
3:00 | 10/27/11

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Transcript for Secret Deals and Steals for 'GMA' Viewers
Special edition of GM -- secret deals and steals -- thank you for anchor appreciation expanding area of the boulevard favorite things. This morning and you've gone -- great bargains on things that we like. We need and we started to -- him. Traveling. We're seeing it. Wanted to close up but He really did Julie Andrews they -- -- -- -- -- so much toward my thing was I'm always on the road I'm always traveling and that's good yeah yeah. It's all about luggage for me I mean I'd go through bags quickly and I needed a good deal. That's right so we got a couple of big deal that He bags as a really great company that's all they sell our bag so there's the to the EC right different -- there. And out an existence that they have another that's full sized check -- they yellow -- sixty to a 150 dollars but it's. For Good Morning America viewers I'll I think -- And that little red one that shiny red -- don't feel like I -- really didn't do you all would. Yeah. Any -- -- 6 different early morning 830. It's just -- explains group. Explain the -- I grew up by in my -- there have been a mile from -- so the idea travel was always rather mad that my parents both worked in the airline industry and that there were globes and maps everywhere and I've just always welcome especially -- that -- the world as it once was really this great train thing of what the Roman empire used to look like from bad to tight side is always has been much. That's just think that's a good news is that our -- -- maps dot com have more than twenty different Max envelopes. For everybody did choose from so you get to pick what you want something that's out of the world's and it's just the United States. Beautiful pieces together to frame regularly 25 to 250 dollars and -- slow smile -- that's then starting -- -- thirteen dollars and I want safe for all of these deals. You can't go straight to the company web safety first have to go to Good Morning America dot com I'm Yahoo!. And it deals pat and -- you're gonna -- the specific links and also the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And get details and you know I love my hometown -- pastor Chan and this is the past -- and so company had given these kids out over the years all the ingredients come right there locally talked about made in the USA. Local people do it itself very small so it's -- high quality hi -- this is one of the most treasured items -- so fluid movement. So loving wife you're lemon grass and love that's totally crazy loans the company -- of one another company she said to me that the -- so excited in the town to help and that that he's even willing to take calls him -- -- That's there already got out and may have an incredible deal for our viewers in honor of you are rob then OK so the -- products are regularly said -- fifty dollars dozens of things to choose from but of course the Good Morning America viewers. Slashed by 50%. Starting. For a box you can't beat it you know it really amazing -- -- -- -- So yeah that senator elect able has an incredible love kennels we love our jewelry hello my girlfriend. Kirsten -- by the need to what I it was from a Tupperware party but for jewelry Stalin died and it is my. Absolute favorite gift to get an accessory where. And I love on the I love the sort of stacking bracelets I love these -- low cost -- an expensive but I'm sure you have done yeah. They're really great -- absolutely so are pregnant -- -- came through breast that this particular cup is regularly 59 dollars. But sports today only you'll pay 50% of that -- -- out of Nadine the late breaking the code. But it's giving president I think what you I also love best about the company is how we hear from so many moms and women who aren't like saving her family's finances -- I am having these businesses he's not having had to have. Encourage women to do these sort of Tupperware parties but for jewelry and -- -- -- great business model thank you are saying that IR IRA clients which now houses definitely under. -- -- -- And -- harper contributed yet Elliott's. Milk shake that's because we'll check yeah. And our personality we're gonna -- twelve for you guys to dismiss. Really the curriculum and a really great honest I'm that's designed specifically Moody's and front month Hamilton beach this is their smoothie blender and -- what it's beautiful and what's really great about it got these special buttons -- that -- you don't get left a lot of ice. And so it is regularly seventy dollars a but with the deal you'll find a Good Morning America dot com. It's only thirty -- says this is that did the agent protected account in honor Elliott and -- -- -- -- that's why it's amazing electric think we also have an incredible deal in honor of our weekend team. Deion Dan and Rhonda came up with their favorite custom black ice cream and there's only one went sat in the country that you can go to eat cream -- and they allow you to create custom blended I -- -- -- -- -- -- Wait until you see the recipes that -- -- specially picked only a pregnant woman would come up with her concoction. Well we're gonna say that big box it's our exclusive deal that you can find only at Good Morning America dot com I couldn't help candidates of the capital with a coupon -- He got kind of domestic -- just -- the. It's. Everything about not laughs yeah saving a lot of money. It's already on the glory again Good Morning America dot com.

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{"id":14825320,"title":"Secret Deals and Steals for 'GMA' Viewers","duration":"3:00","description":"Tory Johnson tells you where to find the best deals on your favorite things.","url":"/GMA/video/secret-deals-steals-gma-viewers-14825320","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}