Secrets for On-Time Delivery of Last-Minute Gifts

Becky Worley researched the best places to find great gifts that will arrive for Christmas.
2:33 | 12/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Secrets for On-Time Delivery of Last-Minute Gifts
Now, to the shipping secrets for the holiday shoppers scrambling to find last-minute gifts. That's me. For so many online retailers, it's too late for free shipping that's guaranteed to make it in time for christmas. But our becky worley did a little research. And has some tips where you can find rush shipping for free. I'm kind of sensing panic here. I'm panic. Fear not. We're going to hook you up with free shipping, right now. Okay. Reporter: You have way too many things to get done between now and -- christmas. Send it. You missed the free shipping deadline for most online retailers. But good news. I have some sneaky ways around that. And I'm going to hook you up. Reporter: First, a bunch of big online sites still have expedited free shipping. Overstock, mac mall, macy's. Now, let's talk about amazon. They have limited products available for free one-day shipping. If you want something that's not on that list, there's always amazon prime. This is a $79 a year subscription that gets you free two-day shipping. You have a family member that already belongs to prime? They can nominate up to four people for the same free two-day shopping benefits. There's another membership service that gives you free two-day shipping on sites all across the west. You pay $8.95 a month. And then, you buy something from an affiliated site, and it's eligible for free two-day shipping. And, yes, I do buy gifts for my pets. Finally, some deals. The iphone 5 is $199 at the apple store. But $127 at walmart right now. Walmart.Com is offering 20% off itunes gift cards. Moving on to android phones. The galaxy 3 is $199. That's a good deal. Finally, sears and jcpenney have half off most christmas decorations. You can decorate and save. Last shipping option, don't forget the ship to store option. You can pay online. You take your time. And tell them which store you're going to pick it up at, and it's guaranteed to be there. That's a great idea I never think of. We have all of the details, codes, coupons, at goodmorningamerica.Com. A lot of us are worried

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{"id":18025275,"title":"Secrets for On-Time Delivery of Last-Minute Gifts","duration":"2:33","description":"Becky Worley researched the best places to find great gifts that will arrive for Christmas.","url":"/GMA/video/minute-christmas-gift-guaranteed-delivery-secrets-time-delivery-18025275","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}