Sandler, Gomez and Samberg Dish on 3-D Monster Flick

Stars chat about voicing the strange characters from "Hotel Transylvania."
3:00 | 09/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sandler, Gomez and Samberg Dish on 3-D Monster Flick
We're going to talk about "hotel transylvania." Some of the biggest names are starring in the animated movie. Adam sandler, selena gomez, andy sanburg. This is an all-star cast. While you never see their faces, you certainly recognize their voices and their humor. Welcome to "hotel transylvan Reporter: It's a story of a widowed dracula, who opens a hotel as a refuge for other monsters. But ultimately to protect his daughter. Thank you, dad. Reporter: And a cast that includes adam sandler, david spade, and fran drescher, the star power in this 3d animated film is undeniable. I have to confess. I'm sitting in front of a lot of talent. What was it -- good-looking. Reporter: Good-looking talent. What was it about this movie that brought you all together? I'll take this one. Adam told me not to answer any of them. Reporter: Was it this guy right here? For me, definitely. Yeah. Thank you. I made the calls. I called these guys up. Salena, I had to make two calls. I knew you would say that. But you said when I turned 118, I could go out in the world -- Reporter: At its re, "hotel transylvania" is not a goes or monster story. But one of an overprotective father, wrestling with the fact that his daughter is growing up. It's my birthday. I have so much fun planned. Reporter: Your being a dad, is that influencing your choices these days? It's not only that. My kids, but my kids' friends. We're trying to impress them. I'm jonathan. Reporter: Andy, what was like? You got to work with this man you idolized growing up? Yeah. The exact same amount. The beauty of working with sandler is you get calls, basically, like, how's it going? We're making this animated movie. And there's a part. He's a guy. You're going to be that guy. Sounds good. All right, buddy. Come on, dad. He's so weird and awkward. Reporter: These are icons of comedy. Were you intimidated at all? I told you that's why i didn't want to sit in the middle. It's nice. Especially for my first animation. The pressure was a little on. But also, it was -- I got to do it by myself in the booth. Reporter: Did you work together at all? Or were you separate in booths doing it all on your own? Yeah, fran was off. We had a big group of us. Yeah. That was a great day, molly. So much fun. Why wasn't I included? I was always alone, like a dog. Reporter: You're the only one with an accent, right? Correct? Spade went with a spade voice. Put his hand in my mouth. Molly was sweet and had an american accent. Fran was fran. Frank, did you book us a tandem massage? I did an accent that you heard me do in about 50 characters. Welcome to hotel transylvania. Reporter: I think you made a movie that the whole family can really enjoy. I laughed so hard. I want to thank you very, very much. So much for do not disturb. And this truly is a family-friendly movie. Don't le dracula, the werewolf scare you off. Kids will love it. And so much fun. But interviewing six people, most of whom are icons of comedy -- that was a real compilation there. Ali took the girls to see this. The girls loved it. And ali laughed through the whole thing. At a certain point, 6 or 7 years old, those monsters aren't monsters anymore. It's really funny. A great family film. Ben, thanks for coming in this morning.

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{"id":17347880,"title":"Sandler, Gomez and Samberg Dish on 3-D Monster Flick","duration":"3:00","description":"Stars chat about voicing the strange characters from \"Hotel Transylvania.\"","url":"/GMA/video/selena-gomez-adam-sandler-andy-samberg-david-spade-17347880","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}