Twist in Selena Gomez's Alleged Stalker Case

Dan Abrams on how the alleged stalker is helping Gomez get a restraining order.
2:03 | 12/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Twist in Selena Gomez's Alleged Stalker Case
-- Jimmy legal analyst Dan Abrams and and we we see this is a dangerous. And guide him and usually these talks are somewhat delusional it's so odd -- saying I believe I need a restraining order -- a permanent restraining -- he's saying in essence. You need to issue this permanent restraining order in an effort to keep me away from her. Which is absolutely bizarre but there's already -- temporary restraining order in place the question is should it be permanent it's going to be hearing on the sixth of January. It is somewhat technical because the judge is really saying but he just deserves a chance to defend himself. He's saying. I don't really need a chance depending on the game altogether and -- -- get the permanent resident I think I think they will put. Not immediately meaning there's still a hearing to take place but -- still restraining order in place and so the question is should it last for three years. And on the sixth of January I would expect that the judge will come forward and say. As a result of everything that I've seen. As a result. Of the defendant's own comments I'm an issue permanent restraining you know the guy is so clearly. -- was posing a threat at seems -- in learning right now honestly now. -- square that would drop -- the phones don't contribute interstate because now California has the toughest talking law in the country. As a result of 1990 change in the law. It's now tougher than anywhere else and you can imagine why because of Hollywood stars -- -- And so what -- judge in this case a different judge by the way ruled was that because there wasn't specific intent he believed to scare her. He was dropping the charges apparently wasn't -- -- ricin -- it's a little too because he was delusional and body was in love -- the problem is that it all these cases. These stalkers. Think there in -- and often in a lot of them. The reason they're doing it is not because they want to hurt the wanna do -- that's right they wanna -- with -- so it is hard to understand considering the fact that he's talking about killing her. All these times why those two about what a chart room with odds are now this permanent restraining will be put in place eventually oh yeah absolutely. Particularly now because he's saying -- absolutely need to do. And there -- much.

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{"id":15160705,"title":"Twist in Selena Gomez's Alleged Stalker Case","duration":"2:03","description":"Dan Abrams on how the alleged stalker is helping Gomez get a restraining order.","url":"/GMA/video/selena-gomezs-alleged-stalker-case-helps-restraining-order-15160705","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}