Sequester Deadline Missed: Automatic Cuts Set to Begin

Reena Ninan, John Avlon have the latest news from the budget battle in Washington.
3:00 | 03/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sequester Deadline Missed: Automatic Cuts Set to Begin
The budget deal that wasn't the president -- Republican congressional leaders failed to hammer out a deal that would prevent 85 billion dollars in budget cuts. The first clashes in military spending an employee furloughs and that's just the beginning ABC's -- nine and has the latest details from the White House good morning -- Good morning to you -- on -- congressional leaders met here at the white house on Friday. But senior administration official saying there was nothing new no negotiations. -- restoration was meant to force congressional leaders into acting on reducing the budget that didn't happen. It's official. Overnight President Obama signing orders to start 85 billion dollars in across the board spending cuts is just don't. As gonna hurt. Gonna -- individual people -- -- gonna hurt the economy -- overall. This white house press conference would have been framed as just another -- -- today between the president and Republican opponents until mr. Obama received a mixed up this. Let people agree on presenting a fair deal. The fact that they don't take it means that I should somehow do it -- -- mind. Meld with these folks and convince them. To do what's right. For those who didn't catch it you the president seemed confused Star -- Vulcan -- -- With Star Wars yet I'm mind trick but whether President Obama is really the -- and -- -- most. Before the Republic's first -- I. These cuts will do anything but bring balance to the force. Right at midnight tonight and -- began. -- being training for units. And as early as Monday some federal employees could be beaten down on furloughs. Will help you -- count me. -- many experts believe the dark side hasn't won out just yet. The feds are fighting off these -- -- consequences. Like airline backed up students fewer air traffic controllers and FAA official estimates furloughs won't begin until April. Republicans say the president won't cut entitlements. But it's about to -- in on the spending problem here in Washington. While the president says he can't just go dark beater on the other side. I'm not. Dictator I can't have Secret Service blocked the doorway. As for the size five makes up the White House sent out this tweet poking fun at the band who played Mr. Spock Leonard Ni -- tweeted. Only a Balkan mind -- we'll help this congress. The next budget deadline comes in just a matter of weeks yet. Really thank him any future Vulcan mind helpful work on this congress let's bring in a ringer now as he's got -- money senior columnist at Newsweek and the Daily Beast on the morning good morning guys. Hey John good morning to you you know what's so frustrating for Americans -- -- these budget cuts were self -- to be so dire that neither side and -- -- happened yet here we are. They happen why can't these two parties come together -- this is what's so frustrating we've known about this for sixteen months and that there was no action in congress this week. Look I think fundamentally have a different problem with a divided government in the past we've got a lot of great things done from the Marshall plan to all the accomplishes the Reagan era. What's different now as the parties are so polarized that there are the kind of conservative Democrats and progressive Republicans that used to exist. That could form coalitions when there was -- -- you have this kind -- gridlock give the stalemate in the American people are paying the price literally today. But what about the argument that these budget cuts are good thing everybody agrees the American government needs to tighten -- felt mrs. start. Right the problem is that as be honest said these were designed to be so don't so painful such broad deep cuts. That it would compel congress to be Smart by the way to work together there if it feels scalpel -- machete metaphor. It's overused but there's a rationale to it we knew there are place we can cut we should cut inefficient programs. These broad deep cuts end -- affecting some programs disproportionately ends up cutting things that work as annoying things that don't work. And that's why everyone in congress says they don't want this to happen but here we are paralyzed and and what we have -- a high stakes political game of poker questions who's gonna blink first and come up with a grand bargain. It was what we really need to deal with the deficit that. I -- sent one who knows he's if that grand bargain we'll ever be -- we appreciate you coming on thank environment you got.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Reena Ninan, John Avlon have the latest news from the budget battle in Washington.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18635668","title":"Sequester Deadline Missed: Automatic Cuts Set to Begin","url":"/GMA/video/sequester-deadline-missed-automatic-cuts-set-begin-18635668"}