Serial Arsonist Strikes Again

Unknown person has set over 20 fires in the city of Los Angeles.
2:07 | 12/31/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Serial Arsonist Strikes Again
The city of Los Angeles is being terrorized by a serial arsonist who struck again last night. Police say possibly -- -- six fires were set bringing the total to more than two dozen. Fires have caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. And people's lives are very much at risk ABC's Abbie Boudreau has been tracking the story from Los Angeles good morning to you -- Good morning -- -- serial arsonist is on the loose and the race is on to solve this mystery before someone gets hurt. This terrifying season. Holding more than two dozen times across Los Angeles. It lasted 48 hours at least 27 -- -- many of them on fire would -- the homes and apartment building. Firefighters scrambling to contain -- damage. Ever set that fire. Had to know how close was there. It was -- it was -- while people were sleeping. And that's the scary part incendiary fire like this causes -- it's intensely meant to make people afraid. Now the search is on for a serial. -- We want to get these SOB's before they hurt somebody. The fires were concentrated in and around Hollywood. And already the damage is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands my house my home I lived there like a -- of dying. Fortunately nobody was injured. One fire out of control costs dozens of lives and if you like nineteen fires you're trying to say something. This is not the way to say it this woman showed us her husband's car it was his Christmas gift we could -- -- fifth annual. -- visible across our C. -- -- -- -- Investigators are now searching through surveillance footage for clues. And have offered a 60000. Dollar reward for anyone who could help solve the mystery. Police are asking anyone with information to come forward and -- it's very clear police are taking this extremely seriously. Yes I seem angry and itself lucky and quite extraordinary that nobody's been -- thus far -- thank you for your reporting this morning.

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{"id":15264673,"title":"Serial Arsonist Strikes Again","duration":"2:07","description":"Unknown person has set over 20 fires in the city of Los Angeles.","url":"/GMA/video/serial-arsonist-strikes-15264673","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}