Seth MacFarlane on Hosting Oscars, Losing to Adele

Oscar host explains excitement of having a song from his movie "Ted" being nominated.
3:37 | 02/21/13

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Transcript for Seth MacFarlane on Hosting Oscars, Losing to Adele
We're counting down to oscar sunday this morning with the host of hollywood's biggest PARTY, seth MacFarlane. He's the funny man behind some of the craziest comedy on tv and in the movies. And our amy robach. You went out there. Got the nitty-gritty. Rough trip to l.A. Horrible weather out there. seth MacFarlane is prepping for the biggest live performance of his life. And while his professional success has made him an estimated $100 million at the age of 39, he's very aware of just how much is riding on his oscar night delivery. I'M seth MacFarlane. Reporter: It is hollywood's biggest night. And as a first-time oscar host, potentially 1 billion eyes will be on leading man, seth MacFARLANE. Have you thought about what the critics are going to write? Oh, yeah. No matter what I do, I'm going at minus ten. Reporter: Do you have a favorite host as you look back? I think johnny cson is probably the gold standard. I don't think letterman got a fair shake. I thought he was really funny. Reporter: They like to assign superlatives. What do you think yours is going to be? Most astonishingly, dazzlingly mediocre. Reporter: But his talent for voicing characters is unremarkable. He's the creator and the unmistakable voice of "family guy." Brian, please say over when you finish talking. Over. What? Over. Reporter: And the creator of this summer's raunchiest teddy bear, ted. I'm a former celebrity in a minimum-wage job. This is how the cast of "different strokes" feels. There's a lot of voices inside of you. Have they always been inside of you? In one form or another. Maybe not necessarily those particular voices. But in one form or another, the voices have been there. Reporter: You're like a male cybill? Do you have a creative outlet for them? A male martin lawrence. You never know what form it will come out in. Reporter: He's not only a host, but also a nominee. Nominated for this original song from "ted." ♪ Everybody needs a best friend ♪ Reporter: Congratulations. How do you feel about that? I'm actually genuinely -- you know, I know we're going to lose to adele. But I'm genuinely excited. Reporter: You say you know you're going to lose. But have you rehearsed the speech just in case? No. Reporter: He has a few other oscar predictions. Who do you think is going to sob during their acceptance speech? Alan arkin. Reporter: Who is going to show more leg than angelina jolie next year? Academy president. Reporter: And who will seth MacFARLANE INSULT THE MOST THIS Year? Russell crowe could take some lumps, right? Reporter: And how far will he go? Is anything off-limits for you? There will be -- I can't think of one thing. Reporter: Evng's on the table. Yeah. Reporter: Fair enough. I would suggest everybody fasten their seat belts. We had some things we couldn't put in the interview. A lot of things we couldn't put in the interview. We'll see what happens when there's a seven-second delay or I'me. It will be interesting. I think he'll go for it. What's he got to lose? Thanks, amy. Let's keep the countdown going.

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{"id":18556181,"title":"Seth MacFarlane on Hosting Oscars, Losing to Adele","duration":"3:37","description":"Oscar host explains excitement of having a song from his movie \"Ted\" being nominated.","url":"/GMA/video/seth-macfarlane-interview-2013-star-hosting-oscars-losing-18556181","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}