Severe and Devastating Weather Tears through the Midwest

Tornadoes, twisters and flash floods have touched Colorado, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Illinois.
2:21 | 05/09/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severe and Devastating Weather Tears through the Midwest
Right now, we want to get to those twisters tearing through the midwest. ABC's kayna Whitworth is in Oklahoma City with the latest. Good morning, kayna. Reporter: George, good morning. 22 million Americans are still under a severe weather threat and here in Oklahoma, people have their eyes on the skies and their storm sherlts ready to go. Oh, my god. Reporter: Tornadoes can terrifying the heartland. This is a big tornado right here. Reporter: This massive funnel cloud consuming the roeverything in its path. Trying to flee as this tornado moves across the road. At least seven reported tornadoes touching do union the centennial state over the weekend. We have windows broken out. It's not pretty. Reporter: This mammoth twister captured near the town of ray, kicking up debris injuring five people. You can see from the air numero numerous structures destroyed. Multiple reports of tornadoes there as well. Rains leading to flash floods. Stranding motorists. In Kentucky, blinding rains blasting cars and in Illinois, 66-mile-per-hour winds snapping power lines and tearing the roof of this school. With storms like that move through, shelters like these can save people who don't have a way to get under ground. George. Okay, kayna, thanks very much. The storms are still moving and rob has more on that. She mentioned the threat. We want to show you that area, jet stream energy is going to power storms east of Dallas today. Tulsa to Little Rock, you'll see hail and a couple tornadoes as well. Active pattern over the next three days. Another look at ray, Colorado, tornado over the weekend. Rarely do we get footage like this. This is special effects Hollywood type of stuff expect it's the real deal. We admire the beauty, but as always we respect the power. It looks like cars were driving into it. Awfully close. Now to the race for the white house and Donald Trump in

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Tornadoes, twisters and flash floods have touched Colorado, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Illinois.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38976779","title":"Severe and Devastating Weather Tears through the Midwest","url":"/GMA/video/severe-devastating-weather-tears-midwest-38976779"}