Severe Storm Warning for Millions of Americans

A big chunk of the country braces for violent weather.
1:19 | 03/18/12

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Transcript for Severe Storm Warning for Millions of Americans
I'm meteorologist ginger GS tracking the storms ginger even warning about this for the past couple of days rightly been seeing it for days the setup is extreme and it is very may like not marks like and that's why we want to make sure everyone is aware look at this. Eighty Saint Louis today in Minneapolis will be 78 Chicago had their fourth eighty degree day yesterday -- today only going to be 55 -- a huge difference in temperatures. A very strong dip in the jet stream and this is what happens -- storms erupt and it starts today. The -- in -- hot go south through Texas I think damaging wind and hail big time today. Tomorrow that -- gets larger and intensifies I think Monday at the big one with isolated tornadoes. Damaging wind and hail there's another ingredient I need to tell you about again very may like it's something called a dry line a lot of moist air on one side. A lot of dry air right behind and that's I think this -- western Oklahoma to Texas moving eastward tomorrow going to be the most extreme. If you aren't any of those areas -- -- -- have a plan you can think about it this morning with your family. Get that plan together. Have -- know -- radio battery up and ready to go. And of course you can always have a helmet because when you have debris flying around got -- -- had -- have more coming up on the warmth and how long it lasts. And a couple of minutes.

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{"id":15947618,"title":"Severe Storm Warning for Millions of Americans","duration":"1:19","description":"A big chunk of the country braces for violent weather.","url":"/GMA/video/severe-storm-warning-millions-americans-violent-weather-midwest-us-15947618","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}