Severe Thunder and Lightning Storms Strike Eastern Seaboard

Several U.S. states deal with flood conditions after recent series of storms.
1:55 | 07/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severe Thunder and Lightning Storms Strike Eastern Seaboard
Right now we'll get to that extreme weather. Nearly 100 storms reported across the country. Almost 2 inches of rain in one hour at that college campus in Idaho. Very dangerous conditions and ginger tracking it all. All it takes is one storm. This is the radar -- the storm that blew threw quick, 2 inchescoulds through rexburg and you get scenes that look like this. An apartment complex, people wading waist deep at BYU, Idaho. Overnight a water invasion. Raging floods rocking the BYU Idaho campus. The nc is completely flooding right now. Reporter: Brown water gushing into the student center and parts of the town under as much as six feet. Students helping each other navigate the swallowed campus using anything and everything to help get that water out. Across the nation in Maine a colossal tree mearesing the home with the owners still inside. I saw the living room ceiling come by. Reporter: Outside Washington, D.C. Trees obliterated. Downed power lines sparking flames. Rushing water sweeping this 12-year-old Pennsylvania girl nearly half a mile underground through a flooded drainpipe Monday. I was sweeped under and I'm trying to yell and I couldn't like because I didn't want to open my mouth. This 14-year-old struck by lightning in Delaware. I was just kind of like running and I heard it and then I was just shocked. I was shaking and bleeding everywhere. Reporter: A small wound on his hand marking the impact. The storms along the east coast along the cold front going to be reserved for the new England area and also far southeast in Florida. Also a new storm that will kick up strong storms back in parts of the west but we look for rain, much needed, in parts of Oklahoma and Texas and that cold air still settling in. Some places breaking records like Topeka, Kansas, in the low

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{"id":24579071,"title":"Severe Thunder and Lightning Storms Strike Eastern Seaboard","duration":"1:55","description":"Several U.S. states deal with flood conditions after recent series of storms.","url":"/GMA/video/severe-thunder-lightning-storms-strike-eastern-seaboard-24579071","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}