Sexism Against Men: A Problem or Victim Envy?

Arden Myrin and Adam Richman discuss the controversial new book "The Second Sexism."
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sexism Against Men: A Problem or Victim Envy?
So to joining the scenario you shouldn't -- -- I just didn't I've seen Harry road it out my head I just don't see how Adam and -- when this month and wildlife let us find out we discuss how we're discussing. This question -- sexism exist. Against -- -- hotel in his right now it's not a controversial. -- -- the second sexism that said that men are victims of rampant sexism. The author says that men are now the butt of jokes that would leave women. Outraged but is this just a case of victim envy. Thankfully I have a human shields with me today he's -- them. I don't Richmond's best -- in America when he's not -- food and she's very very funny comedian frequent contributor on Chelsea Lately given honorary member of the Greenwich bureau. Yeah -- yeah. A okay. -- normally. Had to start -- argue that injured this your first time. But I want you I wanted to make sure that we're not sexist -- you. Doesn't do just sexism exist for man Kevin's face of the way that's. You know. I think it's different to feel we see sexism and we immediately think of discrimination and diminishing someone who we live -- Pretty -- -- now dominated society bush. I do think it does exist I think it may be less overt but I think if you ever say. To a guy you wouldn't get your boy you wouldn't understand because -- -- guy -- is diminishing somebody and that is excluding somebody based upon their gender. But I think when you when you don't look at some are based on their humanistic merits and you do it solely on the basis of gender kinda sucks that said. How did you with a little bit of sexual harassment in my life -- -- -- yeah. Your baby. I -- -- tell like I have to say. It -- -- and skinny jeans that he ESPN that he would not I think in fact. Honestly no I did not exist in any link it's we've responded to paint and we're pretty proud of -- like -- the nominee to go no it does not. -- space right now. -- -- certainly don't usually -- purple room. I was feeling a certain something. It's actually rest. It just sucks and I realized I wasn't sure that I but -- I agree to this until breakfast out of work with you in the afternoons and. I think -- lake I don't think we hadn't ads free show in May and we now so that's just I'm -- I'm just a woman appreciating art. Think that people try to -- point this finger though I think that it's simply a matter of perception if you're a guy who's incredibly sensitive and -- uncomfortable. With his own sexuality the second one -- Takes the aggressive role -- -- I think is pretty awesome. But I think the moment that a woman becomes a sexual. Abreast Seward becomes like the alpha and a lot of dudes get a little freaked out about it's like hey what do what am I being dragged to the -- In the workplace -- that really confident bunch of female boss that's like Adam. Still that yeah. -- -- then yeah. Smith's -- and that's good. It felt pretty like. Weird but I wanted to watch -- toddlers and here is -- No I really -- -- I could think he thinks -- -- yeah. I didn't check out. I'm like yeah. Even -- and no but it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Curtains and added that he -- -- Grey's Anatomy I die I will watch that I have -- I had -- to you know put begets heat heat heat the I -- my teacher -- -- -- you know -- I don't run and actually get last night. She stands up. In the movie the -- the movie comes out next Friday. Yeah. -- a lot of food on here.

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{"id":17151232,"title":"Sexism Against Men: A Problem or Victim Envy?","duration":"3:00","description":"Arden Myrin and Adam Richman discuss the controversial new book \"The Second Sexism.\"","url":"/GMA/video/sexism-men-problem-victim-envy-17151232","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}