Shakira, Gerard Pique Expecting 2nd Child

Gio Benitez reports the latest news in the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
4:36 | 08/29/14

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Transcript for Shakira, Gerard Pique Expecting 2nd Child
Oh, my gosh. And just imagine how mom feels. Anyway, that's little TRE right there finding out he's got a big brother or sister coming along. Little, little. Not very excited. Not excited. He's going to be the big brother. I think he's going to be in charge. He's exasperated. That's a good S.A.T. Word, buddy. Trending overnight upset with his mom. Anyway he'll get a little more excite sfwld takes a little while. TRE, you'll be fine. The same way you felt when you saw gio doing "Pop news." Exasperated. I love you, gio. Take it away. Thank you, guys. We start off this Friday with good baby news from Shakira. She and partner have announced they're expecting their second child together. The pop star confirming the news on Twitter thanking her fans for other well wishes and sending another tweet in he spspanish. Hopefully a little more excited than TRE. God bless you. You okay? I didn't want to take the attention away from the new baby on the way but, yes. I thought you were just exasperated. Turns out you had to sneeze. That was a real sneeze. Come on, gio. All right, shonn Dra Rimes always behind the scenes preparing to make her acting debut not taking a role on her hit show "Scandal" or "Grey's anatomy." She's going to guest star on "The Mindy project." Shonn Dra will play herself and clearly excited about it tweeting, shhh, nobody tell Mindy kaling that I can neither act nor appear lifelike on camera. No one stop this from happening. #Dreamsdocometrue and she's heading to Shonda land to catch up with the actress and she'll get the scoop on "Scandal." We love Shonda. That's going to be great. Calling all gladiators. Calling all David Muir fans, it is a very special time for our pal, David. Officially taking over for the one and only Diane sawyer as the anchor of "World news" and exciting moment, of course, for all of us and a little preview now of what you can expect come Ms. Sawyer. Reporter: Reporting from Joplin, Missouri, more, Oklahoma. Home after home obliterated. She took us to the bathroom where she was huddled and praying. Glad you're okay. Reporter: Hurricane Carr, revolution in Egypt. You've never seen anything like this. I've never seen anything like there. Reporter: Earthquake in Haiti, tsunami in Japan. Gaza, China, Tehran, Ukraine, Mogadishu. You can hear the gunfire around this wall. Reporter: The stories from every corner of the planet every inch of America because he knows there's so much at stake. Michigan. Reporter: When American jobs are on the line he leads the charge. Back on the job. Yeah, back on the job. All: Made in America. Reporter: He's been right there. Our first report from ABC's David Muir. David Muir near the front lines. ABC's David Muir leads our coverage once again tonight with that exclusive, David. Reporter: Connecting us to each other and the events in our world that matter most. Changing lives for the better. Welcome home. Hi, thank you. How are you? Reporter: This is the strength of ABC news and the tradition continues, this is David Muir. ABC's "World news with David Muir." I almost got -- So excited for you. Thank you. How does that feel for you? Honestly, you know, chills, chills first of all, you know, Jennings, Gibson and sawyer walk down that hallway to that chair in that studio. Now there you are. Thank you, Amy. And Diane, if you're watching here this morning, you know how I feel about you. That was just incredible. Just incredible. Very exciting time. We want to share with you is this is the nicest guy in the business, a terrific writer, a total team player. We couldn't have a better team leader. We're in this together, right? You're not going to leave me alone uptown. So excited. That was amazing. All right. And also amazing thank you gio,

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{"id":25174873,"title":"Shakira, Gerard Pique Expecting 2nd Child","duration":"4:36","description":"Gio Benitez reports the latest news in the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index. ","url":"/GMA/video/shakira-gerard-pique-expecting-2nd-child-25174873","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}