Shaquille O'Neal Off the Court

Former NBA Finals MVP tells his story in his new book, "Shaq Uncut."
5:40 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for Shaquille O'Neal Off the Court
And you may know him as the real deal the big shamrock Superman Shaq Shaq diesel goes on and on and on now you get to see another side of Shaquille -- home activities in his words -- -- -- now having worked it out Jack Boston public reports not NBA. -- and everybody is how a father and his new memoir of his jacket cut tells the story didn't get the job. The military brats at large didn't like basketball career I edit share -- think that was -- delicious. Patent settlement I just made that -- 70000. Square feet -- civics book. -- -- -- -- -- Welcome to the -- -- Jack built located in with a -- Florida it's a shack test wonderful. Full month. Where football I can't leave it got the -- airborne. How quick the -- -- those who go to law in this -- and 200. Five Jerusalem. But life wasn't always a day at playa del -- one that's you and -- -- phone -- sixteen. Growing up the military -- -- frequently change schools that have been making friends he struggled to feel comfortable in his own skin. Almost two don't uniqueness. Whom although I was told me me to remember unit. Well within the unit. Welcome -- -- pays -- lift from. He retired earlier this year after nineteen seasons. -- all star appearances -- Ford championship parade but it's his life off the port as a pitchman -- is suffering from taco Nixon. -- -- -- -- -- Not to mention his colorful personality which made him a household name and now he's adding officers -- -- impressive list with Shaq -- Opening up for the first time about fund fears and -- Kobe Bryant a lot has been said over the -- shack about. The strain in the relationship that you all -- -- how would you describe. Your relationship with cocaine use two not food you know -- school -- to our. Too stressful too -- He did write a book that'll put you want to kill. That's because -- -- -- felt -- felt because you know he says something. Community -- not the same thing. Let's -- it was good there was almost Newman has blown away from those who -- -- there is no portion I don't want them so in this. Know who will be remembered. As a -- as one to a report. I love the story -- -- an LA. -- after practice and see Bentley dealership. Well. I was -- and readily here. -- one -- two of those who was -- Smells like so are how much is this. Cost -- -- -- good news who can afford it Sonny boy but. So what three. Today the by the whole dealership. Home owners wanted to red Ferrari -- took it. And in fact it looks like you are pretty -- as right if his own garage. Sure. Concorde takes on a whole new meaning when -- at Jack's dry aged 20000 square foot forward in the basement called -- -- -- How -- and go all of -- informed. You do -- situation -- you should check on the golf course. She had no -- and check from vacation is. -- vocal. One thing that is not a laughing matter for him this is 2000 -- of course like Shawnee admits allegations of infidelity. You're very earliest I will say -- about talking about your past relationships and saying that you were a man who had options. At that time being in that world but he said he didn't think you're being disrespectful. I -- quite understand that. There's a -- thing I can explain them on camera -- my command room. When you -- the medical. Today there is a new woman and -- Live in girlfriend Nicole Alexander. Known to reality TV fans class who's gotten -- great time to -- -- him together. Drugs and shackled vocal -- -- This may be a backyard in our world but here is -- also complete with a life size Superman. Would you expect anything. Other than this check may love to have fun but he's also serious about life after basketball first mission of becoming a doctor. Larry we're following. PH didn't want to argue that Dugard when the message should have been more you don't -- -- system. No -- about human embryos want to address this such. Chef who no longer just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":14955476,"title":"Shaquille O'Neal Off the Court","duration":"5:40","description":"Former NBA Finals MVP tells his story in his new book, \"Shaq Uncut.\"","url":"/GMA/video/shaquille-oneal-unplugged-nba-star-releases-book-reveals-14955476","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}