16-Year-Old Shark Attack Victim Saved by Stranger

When Mike Adler was bitten while surfing, a mystery man sprang into action creating a tourniquet.
2:03 | 05/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 16-Year-Old Shark Attack Victim Saved by Stranger
Now to a scary start to shark season. A TEENAGER LUCKY TO BE1/únu ALIVE After having a frightening close encounter while surfing. He was rescued in the nick of time by a man he didn't know. Matt gutman has that story for us. Reporter:16-year-old miked ed a immediately. He and four of his buddies were surfing the breaks at new smyrna beach, known as the shark bite call tall of the world. I was bleeding. I put my feet above the water and was paddling in as fast as i could. Zh he's hollering to his bud buddies, hey, hey, come here. Me and another guy wept to help michael and carried him on to the sand. We saw that he was bleeding from his left leg. Reporter: Adler's friends say that man, a stranger, sprang into action. He seemed to have military training. They have it tied off with a laesh. Reporter:WCfR DOCTORS SAY THAT MAKESHIFT TOURNIQUET FROM6NAsñ THE SURFqx?e BOARD LEASH MAY HAVE SAVED His fore tendons. The buddies went right back to surfing. He's no ordinary shark attack victim. Moments after the 20 jagged feet ripped into him, he flashed the peace sign. He later tweeted, I better be on shark week. REFERRING TO T POPULAR-wXx Serieses. Check out the new handle. Shark bait. Sharks don't like human shark bait. They say bites like this one are often cases of mistaken identity. When the shark realizes humans are a foreign food, they often release what they have bitten. As for mike -- I wish I could surf tomorrow. Reporter: Matt gutman, abc news, m5@ beach.

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{"id":19115996,"title":"16-Year-Old Shark Attack Victim Saved by Stranger","duration":"2:03","description":"When Mike Adler was bitten while surfing, a mystery man sprang into action creating a tourniquet.","url":"/GMA/video/shark-attack-2013-16-year-shark-attack-victim-19115996","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}