Shark Attacks Claim More Victims

An American is the latest great white attack victim off the Australian coast.
2:33 | 10/23/11

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Transcript for Shark Attacks Claim More Victims
-- what is many people's deepest fear every time they dive into the ocean sharks this morning we're learning more about the man from Texas who was killed -- great white. Off the coast of Australia. In Australia this morning there on the minds and great white shark. Killed thirty year old George Thomas -- -- who was out dining on Saturday. Music minions -- on the boat. Coveted from the -- is suffering from like title -- -- Wainwright was from Texas He was living in the western Australian city of -- on a work visa. Witnesses on the -- described the shark is ten feet long. This is a tragic situation immensely fluid -- fatality. We have had in -- metal weight. It's less than two weeks ago 64 year old -- Marten was killed by a great white during his morning swim. Authorities are now trying to figure out if this same animal killed both men. Anecdotal evidence is that the -- population is increasing. Australia has some of the most shark infested waters on earth as I found out when I'm -- -- up the coast with government officials recently. It is so bad here the government actually sets -- shark nets unsettling -- closed a popular beaches it is amazing that. You've got sharks this close to the -- -- always great whites can be more than twenty feet long and 5000 pounds. And they have that perfect set of jaws to cut. And -- -- not just lurking in Australia just days ago off the coast of poor again. A surfer named Bob Vietnam was thrown into the air by what his friends say it was a great white. He wasn't hurt but it was the second -- counter off the organ coast. In about a week. Sharks have been the object of fear ever since does in the 1970s but animal experts say. You actually have a better chance of hitting the lottery or getting hit by lightning -- getting bitten by a shark. The few -- unfounded. You know the chances of being bitten. Either in Australia -- elsewhere in the world all miniscule improved. That point they invited me into this shark tank. It's a good thing that goggles and -- the look of abject terror on my face and the enormous. Toothy sharks. Slammed -- would that lately menacing look on their base. Now before you conclude I was more brave -- I actually am those were not great white sharks they're actually great nurse sharks who never attacked humans still animal experts point out that even great white attacks. Are very rare.

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{"id":14795855,"title":"Shark Attacks Claim More Victims","duration":"2:33","description":"An American is the latest great white attack victim off the Australian coast. ","url":"/GMA/video/shark-attacks-claim-victims-14795855","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}