Shark Scare Off the Coast of Cape Cod

Beaches are shut down due to increased shark feeding in the area.
3:00 | 09/01/12

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Transcript for Shark Scare Off the Coast of Cape Cod
be tracking. Dan? Thank you, ginger. Beachgoers in cape cod are thinking twice about the refreshing body surf. This summer's shark scare heating up, with even more sightings, forcing many beaches to close, as swimmers are being told to stay extra alert and close to shore. Ron is back with the story. Well, dan, they are back. And they back in force. Seven sharks sighted off the coast of cape cod in one day. People hoping to get one last dip in the ocean this holiday weekend, well, they're going to be beach-bound. Oh, my god. Reporter: It's scenes like this. This youtube video of a great white shark munching on a seal off the coast of cape cod just a few days ago, that has beach officials taking drastic measures this labor day weekend, is our first day of the fall. Believe it or not. September, oblght and november are fall. We have the early clouds and TEMPERATURES IN THE 60s. By noon we'll see temperatures MAINLY IN THE LOW 70s. We'll see high temperatures TODAY IN THE MID TO UPPER 70s With fair skies again for tomorrow. Emily: Thanks so much, david. New troubling questions in the growing scandal at the state crime lab. We're learning more about allegations of a serious breakdown in lab protocol and the number of cases that could be affected is staggering. Jim: As newscenter 5's sean kelley reports a supervisor is now off the job this morning. Reporter: A handful of drug cases were dismissedded over the last year with little explanation from the state other than a problem at the lab. Initially the reaction seemd to have been at least by the department of public health to simply not disclose the nature of the problem. Reporter: An emergency shutdown today. Defense attorneys from five counties now believe possibly 80,000 cases may be affected, not just the 90 state officials have identified by former chemist annie dookhan. Her husband said she followed protocol. There's been a lapse in the lab. That failure to supervise may have impactedded other cases beyond this one chemist. Reporter:20 pending cases handled by dookhan, save drug evidence being retested in each. Hopefully the results will come back the same and it won't affect the eventual outcome of the case. Reporter: Law enforcement sources tell "team 5 investigates" dookhan didn't follow three critical procedures in a way that boosted her staff including initial testing to see if the drugs were illegal.

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{"id":17133337,"title":"Shark Scare Off the Coast of Cape Cod","duration":"3:00","description":"Beaches are shut down due to increased shark feeding in the area.","url":"/GMA/video/shark-scare-off-coast-cape-cod-17133337","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}