'Shark Tank' Kid CEOs Live on 'GMA'

Mikaila Ulmer, 11, and Ryan Kelly, 14, discuss their respective lemonade and dog treats ventures - and they share tips for success!
7:29 | 04/19/16

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Transcript for 'Shark Tank' Kid CEOs Live on 'GMA'
Now to our new series "The passion," celebrating young entrepreneurs who are turning their interest into world changing enterprises and meeting two young moguls who didn't let their ages stop them from realizing their big, big dreams. Hello, sharks, my name is mikaila Ulmer. My product is lemonade. Not just any honeybee sweet lemonade. I'll give you an offer. Mikaila Ulmer securing a deal with daymond John. It's a deal. Yay. All right. This is Barkley, my best friend that inspired me to start my company. And Ryan Kelly. I'd like to make you a full price offer. Finding an investor and mentor in Barbara Corcoran. We have a deal. Although Ryan now 14 and 11-year-old mikaila are kids. Are we rolling? We are rolling. Okay. Reporter: They are also successful CEOs. Here's your drink. Me and the bee's lemonade, I started it when I was 4. Reporter: Her idea sparked by an unfortunate encounter. I got stung by two bees in one week. I was so afraid of the bees my parents encouraged me to do research on them and found out they're dying so I decided to create a product to help save the bees. Reporter: Mikaila gives her great granny Helen's flaxseed lemonade recipe a twist with honey and bottled up and sold in over 60 whole food stores and growing keeping mikaila busy as a bee. And for Ryan, his dog Barkley is to thank for his invention. Me and my brother would fight about giving him a treat because the nasty smell would stay on your hands. I thought make my own for him. Reporter: Making them by hand, he and his family sold the treats at local events. We had our treats packaged in little ziploc bags and we put a sticker on them and we dropped a business card in. Word pretty quickly then "Shark tank" came calling immediately barking up sales. And stores like wegmans and petsmart kept taking a big bite. Two kids tasting sweet success. Would you like a cup? Hey and mikaila Ulmer and Ryan Kelly are here along with the star of "Shark tank's" "Beyond the tank", real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran. Come on in. Get closer, get closer. Come on. There's little Barkley. Mikaila, let me start with you. You didn't hold anything against the bees. You're really trying to help them out in the end and even changed the name of your company because of it. Tell us about it. Well, when I started my company was named -- we just changed it because by doing so we are helping save even more bees because every single person who picks up a bought of my lemonade is the me in the bees and some other ways I help save the bees, I donate a portion of the proceeds I make to organizations that are fighting hard to save the honeybees and I also teach a workshop about the bees too. You know, I wish she would come out of her shell more, right, barbaray Barkley, I well. I say Barkley, I mean Ryan. He inspired you to be very philanthropic for giving back. He is a shelter dog and we have shelter dogs over there from the New York humane society. I believe giving back to shelters is one of the best things I could do because Barkley came from a shelter and he is one of my favorite things. I always wake up to his cute face, waking me up in the morning. So I always believe that giving back to shellers is great. I'm always trying to get dogs, as many dogs out of it as I can and always a shelter gave me my first start in the business so without them I probably wouldn't be here now. Wonderful. Barkley is taken but you are able to adopt these two over there, again, the humane society of New York -- Oh, don't look right now. Okay. Okay. How are you doing? Barbara, tell us what is so special about these two, of course, they were on "Shark tank." Talk about Ryan first. I know you've worked with him. Ryan, of course, was cute as a button, a marketer's dream and I knew he would side. What they both have in common is they were smart enough to hire their families to work for free which gave them a great start to the business. Their families are here and we love seeing them as well. There's really something about, you know, being -- you know, cute and being able to work with them and having his mother and all that but there was also something about the treat that made you think it would work. I knew it would work because of Ryan. His dog was overweight and I knew he was eating those biscuits all the time. A man has a good woman behind him and I met his mother on the set and between the two of them and brothers it's like hiring a whole new corporation. Hi, mom. There's a corporation over there. Hardest working woman. Nour family has been helpful as well. What was it about her? She was smart enough to take advantage of her great story. She has a great story and people want to hear it. Next rather than just hiring a distributor she hired many distributors including the largest one that supplies whole foods and that explains why she's in 50 whole food stores. This little girl, don't be fooled. She is a manipulator. You do it in school and everything. How do you get it all done? Well, it's definitely a lot of hard work. But what makes it worth is that I to that I'm sharing my story and I love traveling around the country and then what also makes it worth it is that I get to solve a problem that not only helps the bees but also us. That's true. I had a lemonade stand but it wasn't anything like that and wasn't bringing in the moolah you're bringing in and helping so many people. If a young person wants to do what you're doing what are your suggests. Never give up. There were so many people that told me I couldn't do it and now I just said find me in ten years and then -- but also I think that there's no barrier to any age that you could start a business at. Let's find some. Thank you for that. Daniela, what is your question for these two young entrepreneurs. Both Ryan and mikaila are young but successful entrepreneurs. What would you say are your keys to success? Big question. What is your key to success? Your one big key. My one big key, don't be discouraged by life's little stings but get back up and spread your wings. Having a company you can be let down but don't let that stop you. Yours? Your, Ryan? I have a few words. One is give back to the people who gave you a start. Have fun and also be a kid while you're running your business. That's what you wanted to say too, Barbara. Be a kid. You have to be a kid. These kids have busy live, their plates are full but they have the passion and the energy and youthfulness on how to make it happen. Passion into profit. So cute. You can see Barbara and "Beyond the tank" tonight. That's tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central here on ABC and those puppies, Maurice, oh, those two puppies are available for adoption from the humane society of New York.

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{"id":38497883,"title":"'Shark Tank' Kid CEOs Live on 'GMA'","duration":"7:29","description":"Mikaila Ulmer, 11, and Ryan Kelly, 14, discuss their respective lemonade and dog treats ventures - and they share tips for success!","url":"/GMA/video/shark-tank-kid-ceos-live-gma-38497883","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}