Buzzfeed's Best Ways to Celebrate Shark Week

Matt and Dave Stopera reveal fun and unique items perfect for avid shark fans.
2:39 | 08/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Buzzfeed's Best Ways to Celebrate Shark Week
it's good news. By the way, have you shown the setup over here? Shark week is taking a big bite out of the ratings. Matt and dave are here from buzz beat. How is it going? Is anybody shark crazy. I love the lists. I love here's everything you need. You're going to do that for used to. Let's start with the wet suit. The shark-repelling wetsuit, if you would. This is one of my favorite things. We have the surf lady modeling from hawaii. And it actually repels sharks. The bands on the legs, it resembles the bands that sea snakes. A shark doesn't need to see a lot. Just the movement of that banded black and white, and they know that's the one thing that will take them out. They're gone. They think they're going to get killed by that snake. They're gone. What's next? The sharkini. Really? I love it. The sharkini. This probably won't keep you safe from sharks. And may attract a few sharks. The tan line. You're going to get an awesome tan line. That's true. That's going to be one jagged bite tan line. Do you have to wear the headpiece with it? Headpiece is awesome. And the nails, too. I didn't notice the nails. Chrissy is wearing the sharkini and the snails. And something for kids. Lucca, are you okay? You look like you're getting attacked by a shark. Wait, wait. I guess I need to punch it in the nose. Yeah. Yeah. This has an awesome name. It's called the chum buddy. Invented by a college student. Who else would invent something like this? It does come in adulti sizes. I'm not sure about putting your kid inside a shark. I'm not sure. But dogs and cats can get in the shark craze. This is for everyone that wants to see their little bet in the jaws of a vicious shark. Most famous celebrity cat owns one of those. Kitty purry. You just sold 100,000 of those in that moment right there.

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{"id":19892584,"title":"Buzzfeed's Best Ways to Celebrate Shark Week","duration":"2:39","description":"Matt and Dave Stopera reveal fun and unique items perfect for avid shark fans.","url":"/GMA/video/shark-week-2013-buzzfeed-offers-best-ways-celebrate-19892584","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}