Sam Gets Face-to-Face With 'Stars' of 'Shark Week'

ABC News' Sam Champion gets an up-close look of ferocious creatures with Discovery Channel.
4:24 | 08/05/13

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Transcript for Sam Gets Face-to-Face With 'Stars' of 'Shark Week'
Reporter: Sharks are one of the most 2350ered predators on the planet. And for the past decade experts say sharking thats on humans have risen to an all-time high. So what would make anyone descend into the depths to swim with the ocean's most efficient killers. There is a shark. Reporter: Well, you get some courage with a team of experts from the discovery channel's -- shock pocalypse. Aaagh. Reporter: The crew of the show "sharkpocalypse" travels the world. Shark to the right. Reporter: -- In search of these giant eating machines like great whites in south africa. Oh . Reporter: I met up with them in the bahamas to get an up close and personal look at these predators. Don't act like food. Don't look like food. Don't smell like food. Don't be food. Reporter: With that good advice we head out to the atlantic off the coast of nassau for my first experience eye to eye with a shark. That's a shark. Yeah, definitely. Reporter: Our both was soon surrounded by caribbean reef sharks all hungry looking for a meal. I still can't even count how many there are. There's more than a dozen. Okay. Reporter: And that's what you want for a shark dive for our first dive, the crew recommended a chain metal shark suit. It's a diver's only protection against these pretty tofrs. Got that feeling of safety and with this special mask I can talk freely. So you're on the dive. Ready? Shark on your right. Look down. Shark on your right. Wow. To see them up close, it's unbelievable. I got to keep turning around and turning around because they're in all directions and you don't want to miss a minute. Reporter: The experience was incredible and these sharks are not the ruthless killers i expected. So beautiful and that's a theory this team is testing to see if another species could be to blame for the increased number of shark attacks. Are humans to blame? Could the decimation of sharks be creating a sharkpocalypse with sharks getting closer to land? Reporter: There were 80 cases of unprovoked shark attacks on humans last year. That's according to the international shark attack file. And 78 attacks the year before. Numbers that have been on the rise for over a century. That one is a big one. There are many breeds of sharks and not all are the mindless killing machines many think they are. Some of them are incredibly beautiful creatures to be respected and even protected. It is absolutely spectacular. What do you think of your first shark dive? I think it won't be my last. That was kind of beautiful. Once you do it once you're addicted. You're going to be back. let's be honest, sam -- I'm just glad you made it home. Ah. We were worried. Honestly it's a little frightening because they gave you the look when they go bye. With the reef shark they're not going for you. They're going for food so they may check you out. Chances are they'll leave you alone. A great white, to check you out they basically shred you to find out what you are. They're like I don't know if i want to eat you or not. They shred you. Good thing there were no great whites. Look how many shashlgs there were. That's scary. And by the way discovery channel shark week all week long. I want to thank them for making it happen. They did everything. Put their crew in. Yeah, woo! This is a newer version of the suit I wore. This is a newer version. All welded, hand done like chain male suits. It's beautiful. Now here's what they tell me about this thing, first of all weighs like 20 pounds so when you go in the water you go straight down to the bottom. You're like bobbing on the bottom. But if it's a great white they'll take the arm and the suit with them, but if it's a little shark they'll bite, they won't be able to get through and chances are you're going to be just fine but, again, I want to thank all the discovery channel. I want a cage. The sharks you dove with they'll slap you high-five. Oh, josh, they weren't two feet long. Thank you, sam. I'm impressed even though josh

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{"id":19870918,"title":"Sam Gets Face-to-Face With 'Stars' of 'Shark Week'","duration":"4:24","description":"ABC News' Sam Champion gets an up-close look of ferocious creatures with Discovery Channel.","url":"/GMA/video/shark-week-2013-sam-champion-face-face-stars-19870918","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}