Sherri Shepherd Says Son Motivated Her to Change

Co-host of "The View" explains how she altered her lifestyle to control her diabetes, lose weight.
3:52 | 04/30/13

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Transcript for Sherri Shepherd Says Son Motivated Her to Change
Right now sherri shepherd is with us again revealing how her own diagnosis of diabetes forced her to really re-evaluate her food and exercise habi she's got a new book out today called "plan d: How to lose weight and beat diabetes evening if you don't have it." Your personal experience. Sherri, we welcome you. I enjoyed this book. Ot great information. Lots of great tips but also your personal story and you called your family the diabetes hall of fame and said you want to be the last entrant into this hall of fame. Absolutely. Because everybody in my family has diabetes. My sisters, cousins, aunt, my mother passed away from diabetic complications at 41 and we never took it seriously because everything in my community called it the sugar so you don't take it seriously when it's a cutesy term like that and I want to stop it. That had to have been a real wake-up call, your mom passed away at 41. You're older than that now. Well, thanks a lot, lara. Just by a day maybe. Only by a day. Yes, no, I am because i started "the view" when I was 39 so that was a very scary year for me thought I was headed the same way as my mother because I had just gotten diagnosed with diabetes. A week after you wrote about a real revelation, imagining your son crying and alone and wondering why is my mommy not here with me. Was that the turning point? That was the turning point. Not even the fact that my mom passed away but it was jeffrey who I had a vision of him trying to figure out where heaven was because everybody said that's where mommy was and that was my aha moment of if I continue on the path that I am on I will not be here for my son. He's going to have a rose on the chair when he walks down the aisle when he gets married. In the book you have great tips, you talk about how you did it. It's actually very simple. We've got a meal. A day in the life of your meal. A day in the life of me. It looks like a l of food and really I was trying to get into that. Minestrone soup. You like that. Talk about this and how easy it is for folks. Usually I would start off with breakfast pancakes dripping with maple syrup, bacon and sausage except I was a walking heart attack. Now I do oatmeal with my favorite fruits with raspberries and blueberries and blackberries and almond slices, full of fiber and lowers cholesterol. A snack, apples and I'll do an egg. I like to do organic peanut butter. Lunch, minestrone soup and confess I'll have some salmon with it. Sodium. Low sodium as well. Read labels so I love this and then I'll have another snack. You got to snack in between your meals otherwise y ravenous like I could eat you if I don't eat a snack. Please don't of the let's go shopping. Yeah. I'm going to bring my book over. You talk about it. Want me to push the cart? Yes, please because we always shop in leopard skin dresses. Talk to me about what you do and don't do. So this is what I used to get. The cheese curls, potato chips, ooh, I love potato chips but it's so high in sodium and triglycerides. Now I do popcorn. I will just do some popcorn myself. Remember when you used to do that. Stick it in the skillet. It's good, full of fiber. I know you like ezekiel bread. Whole wheat torety joes. Stay away from the white stuff. Okay. So croissants. What's over here? I want to tell everybody about two -- you love quinoa. It's so rich in fiber and has a lot of protein. Better than the rice and pasta and fruits and vegetables, kale, spinach, greens, I love it. It's working. We are out of time but so many great tips. Everybody, do check out "plan d."

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{"id":19073114,"title":"Sherri Shepherd Says Son Motivated Her to Change","duration":"3:52","description":"Co-host of \"The View\" explains how she altered her lifestyle to control her diabetes, lose weight.","url":"/GMA/video/sherri-shepherd-weight-loss-view-host-son-motivated-19073114","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}