Shia LaBeouf Goes 'Lawless' in New Film

The actor talks about starring in the new Prohibition era movie.
3:00 | 08/20/12

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Transcript for Shia LaBeouf Goes 'Lawless' in New Film
He is one of hollywood's hottest young actors, though he'll blush when I say that. Headlines the "transformers" trilogy and now as an american gangster. It's set in prohibition-era virginia. WELCOME TO shia LaBeouf. It took two years to get to the big screen. Why is it a challenge? It's a hard movie to make. It's not conventional at all. It's got a lot of layers. It's a hard movie to pitch. You have to take a risk as a studio or moneymaker. Isn't that where you had to take a risk? It is. I was a real studio kid for a long time. You had friends that look at you and say, I don't know. That gets hinky. It wasn't conventional at all. You're going to do a period movie. It's expensive. I want to show everybody a clip. You play jack in "lawless." I'm sorry, jack. I got other things in my mind. Like robbing your brothers, for instance. All you had to do was put gas in the truck. All you had to do was put gas in it. I got me an idea. This road is crawling with cops, cricket. Oh, you gotta be kidding me. You got a better idea? You're going put moonshine in the gas tank? ♪ yeah! Yeah. That's how nascar started. Really. Seriously. Truly? I thought you were joking? They started souping up the w cars to get away from the police. You could run your car on that stuff. Imagine what it's doing in your insides? It's called rot gut. It's a sexy time in america. This was the beginning of the first big crime gold rush, if you will. These were the first comic book-type heroes that america ever had. Billy the kid, criminals fighting for the everyman. The walt whitmans with guns. The first rock stars. Also in the film, what a cast, guy pierce, jessica chastain. Gary oldman. Tom hardy. Jason clark. It's stacked all the way down. Not to continue name-dropping. Your next film is directed by robert redford. You're on a roll, kid. Knock on wood. What was that experience like working with the legend? He is that. I'm playing a reporter. A lot of it was studying him, playing him in way, he did this movie with dustin hoffman, "all the president's men". A classic. It's one of my favorites. He's a rock star. Great things are happening for you. We appreciate you coming. Even, check out "lawless." Coming up, inside our vacation scrapbook. Can't wait for robin and george

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{"id":17040995,"title":"Shia LaBeouf Goes 'Lawless' in New Film","duration":"3:00","description":"The actor talks about starring in the new Prohibition era movie.","url":"/GMA/video/shia-labeouf-interview-movie-lawless-generates-oscar-buzz-17040995","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}