Shipping Companies Gear Up For Holiday

Record breaking shipments expected as shoppers send gifts all around the world.
2:47 | 12/11/11

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Transcript for Shipping Companies Gear Up For Holiday
-- all part of Black Friday and Cyber Monday but did you know that tomorrow is Green Monday. That's a relatively new nickname for the second Sunday of December retail experts predict online sales will hit more than one billion dollars tomorrow. Pumped up not only by great -- ideals but free shipping -- Melamine a lot for work package delivery companies and AB CTV when it. Is here with that story they're expecting a big year this year they certainly are have you finished your holiday shoppers spent almost that OK well for FedEx. UPS and the US Postal Service the holidays are there super -- their time to shine. With a rise of online shopping it has put these services on the front lines of holiday gift giving. More this year than ever before. The greatest -- this time of year isn't just abode mortgage shopping it's getting all those presents hundreds of millions of them. -- they need to go for the holidays. -- -- -- -- You think Santa and his films have a tough. Welcome to federal express. Words and don't stop we were seven push to get those presence on the chimney or at least through the front door. -- only comes once here I'm here today it. -- -- Oh yes definitely. Makes -- that we delivered on time. All kidding aside the days ahead look like the busiest in the history of -- consider these numbers. The busiest day of 2005. December 12. Nine point eight million shipments the busiest day of 2008 December 15. Twelve million shipments three years later on this Monday December 12. Seventeen million shipments are expected all over the globe. Online shopping is by far the biggest reason we're seeing so many packages and also people like to ship their packages if they're traveling for the holidays. They don't want to carry them on planes. In fact The National Retail Federation expects nearly half of us 46 point 7% to shop online. That's compared to 43 point 9% just a year ago. FedEx that's like -- -- do get some extra help this time of year in the -- 20000 additional workers. Holidays and -- are by far that he -- time to make deliveries. Still unhappy get -- life gets a lot of people like everyone's happy I was happy to see coming out tomorrow. But no matter which way you send your president -- and beyond and I'm speaking to you make sure that you get this presence out. By December 23 because that is the last day that many of these services can guarantee there will get there on time -- -- violent indirectly it Meehan has. And time -- here. Something you have a better -- -- safety TJ it.

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{"id":15132213,"title":"Shipping Companies Gear Up For Holiday","duration":"2:47","description":"Record breaking shipments expected as shoppers send gifts all around the world.","url":"/GMA/video/shipping-companies-gear-holiday-season-15132213","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}