9 Shipwreck Victims Rescued After 5 Days at Sea

Two Americans were aboard the boat stranded off the coast of Honduras.
1:36 | 07/04/13

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Transcript for 9 Shipwreck Victims Rescued After 5 Days at Sea
nine people, including two americans, waving frantically from a small boat, tryingo catch the attention of a pilot searching for them off the coast of honduras. They got really excited when the flare went in the water. Reporter: The group onboard a 28-foot pleasure craft, which included six hondurans and one canadian, had been missing for four days. Tasha brown was on that boat with no food and water. She told abc news overnight how the group managed to survive. The middle of the night, it just poured and poured. We took over every bucket we had, and every container that could catch water. And prayed we weren't going to get flipped over by the storm. Reporter: The nine boaters chartered the boat off utila island and were headed to roatan island. On the trip back, they ran out of gas, and were rescued 65 miles from their intended destination. I would get out on the front. And we tied ropes at the front of it. I would get out and I would swim. I would keep dragging the beat. And there's people off the back kicking. And people on the sides of the boat paddling. Reporter: Those nine survivors are safe. But have walked away from their harrowing ordeal with a valuable lesson. Don't get on a boat, unless there's water, paddles, gas and a flare gun. Reporter: The rescue could have been shorter. But the boat didn't have an emergency radio beacon. And they found them after searching five square miles of sea. It was all done with their eyes.

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{"id":19576959,"title":"9 Shipwreck Victims Rescued After 5 Days at Sea","duration":"1:36","description":"Two Americans were aboard the boat stranded off the coast of Honduras.","url":"/GMA/video/shipwreck-victims-rescued-missing-off-coast-honduras-days-19576959","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}