Shooting at Pittsburgh Hospital

A man entered the hospital lobby with semi-automatic weapons and opened fire.
1:32 | 03/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shooting at Pittsburgh Hospital
An argument that tense drama inside and outside a Pittsburgh hospital after a man with to a semi automatic handguns walked into the lobby -- started shooting and that was just the beginning. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center looked like this -- of the Hollywood action movie streets closed. Swat teams moving in sharpshooters on rooftops -- -- -- the gunman -- The front door at western site seconds after the first shots rang out police fired back. Helpless and terrified hospital staff and patients were placed on lockdown for nearly three hours many unaware of what was going on we -- how -- act. And police cars. People being fought out on on gurneys then there -- swat team in his sorrow and then we put -- is on -- there's -- shooting. -- we were told to get away from the windows. In the crossfire a hospital worker was killed seconds later so was the gunman the police acted admirably. And and did engage in gunfire. There were multiple shots fired. -- the afternoon seven other people including a police officer were wounded. All are expected to survive major questions remain this morning who was the gunman he Cary -- -- -- And why did -- target the hospital's psychiatric clinic. Now hospital officials do not believe he -- -- previous patient for one thing. They say that they hadn't seen him there -- second idea we have here included in a lot worse the gunman -- the roaming the halls and was carrying a box of unused ammunition.

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{"id":15883974,"title":"Shooting at Pittsburgh Hospital","duration":"1:32","description":"A man entered the hospital lobby with semi-automatic weapons and opened fire.","url":"/GMA/video/shooting-pittsburgh-hospital-dead-western-psychiatric-institute-15883974","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}