How to Shop Like an Insider and Get the Best Deal at Retail

Shopping guru Kyle James of helps "GMA" crack retail codes at popular retail stores.
3:34 | 09/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to Shop Like an Insider and Get the Best Deal at Retail
Now we continue with "Gma" investigate, the secrets to finding the best prices at your favorite stores and Cecilia Vega has our story. ? Reporter: This is a secret hidden in plain sight. Gosh, that's cheap. Reporter: A shopping code cracked for "Gma investigates" right there embedded in price tags at some of the nation's most popular retailers. Shopping guru Kyle James. He's the brains behind A website devoted to online coupons. He says he's uncovered pricing patterns at 14 national chains and counting. All to help consumers know when and how to spot a good deal. According -- Reporter: Using hidden cameras "Gma investigates" and Kyle go bargain hunting to spot savings in places you'd never think to look, right on the price tag. First stop, Home Depot where James says sometimes the secret codes are color coded. See that represents a clearance product. Reporter: At many stores he says the key to savings is in the last two digits of the price. He says prices ending in.06 mean six weeks until the next markdown. Ending in 03 mean three weeks until markdown, the chain's best deal. James turned to his secret code cracking weapon for confirmation. The store employees. You're not supposed to know that. Reporter: This employee agreed to share in silhouette another store secret from home Depot. Sometimes the price is adjustable if there is a customer service issue. Every employee has up to a $50 adjustment they're able to give if it's warned. Reporter: Next stop, target. At target, James says prices ending in.9.88.04 and.24 mean clearance items. No know how much you're saving may need a magnifying glass. In the corner that is 70% off the original price. Reporter: The good news is if target has a lot of product inventory chances are prices will drop even more. So what's the rule of thumb in how long you should wait? Employees mark things down every 10 to 14 days. Reporter: One possible reason for pricing codes. A lot of types stores do this so that it makes it easier for employees when they're stock shelves. I love that. Thanks to Cecilia Vega and target said the ending digit of a clearance price is determined by several factors. It's not possible to determine the final markdown or timing of the price change and then both Home Depot and costco say they will not discuss details of their pricing systems but we do have clues.

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{"id":25227313,"title":"How to Shop Like an Insider and Get the Best Deal at Retail","duration":"3:34","description":"Shopping guru Kyle James of helps \"GMA\" crack retail codes at popular retail stores.","url":"/GMA/video/shop-insider-best-deal-retail-25227313","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}