Show Me the Money: Renting Property for Cash

Elisabeth Leamy reveals ways to pull in extra cash by renting belongings.
4:41 | 11/02/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Show Me the Money: Renting Property for Cash
Time now for one of our favorite segment show me the money and our money saving energy limited will -- Today with ways to raise cash and -- almost anything you home. And spare storage space and Howard -- -- a whole lot more Healy joins us now from her home in Washington tells how -- worst got a lot of stuff there Eli. -- -- My junk all over the country George people are. It's going so web sites where they can rent teach other their stuff the people with stuff to rent -- something that's gathering dust in turn it into a moneymaker and the people who need stuff save a lot of money by renting instead of buying. Kelly and Steve Haley may look like crowds -- -- but -- -- dog isn't actually may years they've. -- -- It's always funny when -- tell people we -- dog because they say you -- until well. Amy Schilling -- was nervous at first thought he'd Clinton deserves some extra attention when she got pregnant Tim Duncan Brantley and -- vegetative America -- -- Kelly dean gets some extra exercise Dick Cheney Mason's extra -- but it's not by my pocket today there. -- web sites like -- animals and snapped goods dot com you can grants for rents out almost anything. A Barbeque NG quarter -- Martin Howard Schultz a parking space or storage space and so I tried it. Looks like it but this -- a car rental company spent. Yeah. That nice to meet Sierra -- that's Kristen Campbell has rented out her -- several times of the past year. -- -- -- -- -- Plus by lifting her vehicle -- snapped goods she gets a 5000 dollar guarantee from here. -- -- Definitely not a corporate -- -- -- This is the perfect day for a picnic -- -- needed cooler sure enough I find one -- rents. A nice thing. Mike Harris steel makes ten bucks for something that was just sitting around and I get a cooler first half the price of fine -- Here yeah what it's no fun having a picnic on your -- And well all -- need is a islands in new camera one and close two at -- of friends dot com. Yeah. The high. -- -- and rental friends are available to be your wing man or woman for almost anything as Lois not that dates. And there are and manages. Every girl makes an enabler and an Italian news brownies. Okay -- new BS that recommends a perfect picnic spot with a stunning view of the Brooklyn Bridge that I didn't know about since I'm not from New York. Priceless. So I guess this is our first -- friend silence. Do you worry about meeting strangers and that it might say I don't think it is environment great that it would be. Hanging out with -- any -- in the bar who likes the cultural exchange. The extra fifty -- she typically seen. Marie and Allen. -- -- -- Coming soon clue up bathroom rental now. Yes believe not some people are willing to rent out their bathrooms to perfect strangers just to make an extra buck. Now if only I could read more hours in the day. Kristin made 65 dollars and since renting a Volvo in the Big Apple cost twice that amount eyes -- sixty time. Aren't so I came back from shooting that story in prowler around my own garage looking for things second round first little stuff that goes for about ten bucks a day like this -- -- -- bunch of my favorite power tools I've got shot back my daughter's old stroller. High chair I found a bigger ticket item giant -- like this go for about 25 today. And better yet up above me about a hundred square feet of storage space which -- could probably get about fifty bucks a month for. Add it all up and I can make 1550. Dollars a year -- that isn't all without renting -- your bathroom. How about. -- thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"Elisabeth Leamy reveals ways to pull in extra cash by renting belongings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14864598","title":"Show Me the Money: Renting Property for Cash","url":"/GMA/video/show-money-renting-property-cash-14864598"}