Siberian Huskies Ride Into Times Square

"Born to Explore" host Richard Wiese brings beautiful huskies to "GMA."
1:58 | 03/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Siberian Huskies Ride Into Times Square
-- want to bring in our good old friend it to mice born to explore -- Saturday mornings -- -- ABC stations and Richard you've done some cruel things to me you've had me on camel. If I got a tiny little horse and -- does a Muslim house and we've seen on the show already he's Siberian Huskies. And they of the heart and sole source of the coldest climates. Well -- you know culturally they're very significant dogs to people of north from the -- -- to the eskimo. And usually recently visited and in your community yes sure we went up there to see the great -- because bear migration up in Canada. And the dogs are part of the society up there but they're also great companions you know the whole term of Three Dog Night. Meant how many dogs you have to having your -- to keep you warm up and while these guys are incredible athletes and you're looking at some polar bears that we saw what we're up in Canada. These guys are also very good protector yeah plus a -- polar bears are white they're very -- and snow and you know these little guys will start howling -- -- -- polar bears or anywhere close to. Site -- we have here again this is our -- and end she's eight years old Arlen. Beautiful absolutely yes and this is Horatio yeah ratio does he has a relative right now in the Iditarod. Yes he does yes he does and he's been reaping the benefits of having a hard working relative. And these dogs are actually used for therapy. One of the great things about Siberian Huskies are -- very affable dogs they really want to get -- please humans. And they've been great companions they were bred for companionship -- they were inside the area. And they're incredible athletes to I mean these dogs even though they weigh like forty somethings around. Probably pull you off your feet and -- -- do that he just hits you that I know you're Renaissance you're relative advantage Joseph undated you actually -- Anti we stop -- -- this beats working for a living I would I'd I'd take your job. Then a second Richard -- Nicosia again it's -- to -- -- Saturday mornings on most ABC stations thanks so much.

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"\"Born to Explore\" host Richard Wiese brings beautiful huskies to \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15867549","title":"Siberian Huskies Ride Into Times Square","url":"/GMA/video/siberian-huskies-ride-times-square-15867549"}