Sick American Woman Close to Leaving South Pole

Renee-Nicole Douceur awaits evacuation after possibly suffering a stroke.
2:44 | 10/16/11

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Transcript for Sick American Woman Close to Leaving South Pole
The bottom of the world literally and the effort to rescue a sick American woman stranded in the South Pole. The plane was finally able to landed Antarctica on Friday and they hope to be able to pick her up and fly her out of there very soon. If he's in -- is here with details good morning again. Hey good morning to you beyond a well it'll take about eight hours for rescue plane to finally reach grenade -- -- at the South Pole. But in a place where temperatures dipped below seventy degrees and the weather can kill in an instant. There are a lot of factors that could keeper stranded at the bottom of the earth. It's here amid blizzard winds sub zero temperatures and blinding snow and remain -- coal producer. Waits to be rescued after likely suffering a stroke. She spoke with us yesterday by phone the tone of her voice strained and halting. I need to be image as soon as possible hate that we quickly need to get out of here better than that being from all the doctors here. The cargo plane turned rescue plane is waiting here at the United Kingdom's -- for a base in larnaca for the weather to clear. It left Chile on Friday to make the treacherous trip to hear. The South Pole where distort desperately waits for help -- health uncertain. -- just sitting here waiting who knows what's going on -- I don't know what's going on inside me. For saga began two months ago when she suffered which she believes was a stroke. Now who vision and speech are impaired. One Doctor Who is treated her by phone says a diagnosis is tough without access to the right equipment. I think that if she had a. The disease that was potentially triple this point and it was stuck in an hour to -- undiagnosed awaiting that would be. That would be a bad thing for. But it is a dangerous trip the company that owns the research lab has not been able to get a flight in four months due to bad weather. The last risky medical evacuation here was 1999. When Jerri Nielsen FitzGerald a Doctor Who had diagnosed and treated her own breast cancer for months. Was flown out. -- was rescued disorder will be flown to New Zealand. There after waiting -- -- months she will get the medical attention she says she desperately needs. I'm very concerned about my health. And if possible ramifications and consequences sustained here. Once she does get on that flight it is a five hour trip to the coast of -- cuts shall then. Change planes and head onto New Zealand but there are some risks on those flights out because doctors are concerned about the effects of the cabin pressure and the oxygen levels. Given what her body has already gone through.

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{"id":14747002,"title":"Sick American Woman Close to Leaving South Pole","duration":"2:44","description":"Renee-Nicole Douceur awaits evacuation after possibly suffering a stroke. ","url":"/GMA/video/sick-american-woman-close-leaving-south-pole-14747002","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}