Should Your Significant Other Have a Say in Your Wardrobe?

D.L. Hughley and Countess Luann De Lesseps discuss balancing relationships and fashion.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for Should Your Significant Other Have a Say in Your Wardrobe?
The question we asked today, should your significant other have a say in what you wear? We're going "toe to toe." Kanye west, he's a rapper, a grammy winner and we're calling him keeping up with the kardashians' kanye west? He goes through kim's closet and suggested she get rid of 100 pairs of shoes and piles of unworn duds. Should your partner have the right to veto what you wear? How many clothes do you have? Unworn is just odd to me. So much of this program is. Is it really just about t clothes? Are you trying to change your partner? Do we, and by we, I mean we, do we need your help? We have guests to weigh in. We have two guests. He's a hilarious comedian and she's a real housewife of new york city. She's a real housewife that lives in new york city. D.L. Hughley and countess LuANN. Announcer: Today on "the chew," day two of coast-to-coast week is giving you a taste of new england. Welcome to boston, massachusetts. Announcer: And michael symon takes on the iconic clambake with a kielbasa edge -- plus, a boston cream pie, a classic new england breakfast, and -- I'm going the birthplace of pizza in boston. Announcer: Then clinton kelly's teaming up with a boston super fan for a succulent lobster roll with shoestring fries. And it starts right now on "the chew." hello! Welcome to "the chew." Thank you. It is day two of coast-to-coast week. Each day we are cooking the great regional cuisines of our delicious u.S. Of a. And today we're going for a taste of new england. That's right -- we are cooking up some of boston's best bites. I got to tell you -- boston -- it's one of my favorite cities in the world. I spent four years there at boston college. but I used to call it -- back when I started, when I first went to b.C., I came from long island. I had a thick long island accent. I used to talk like this. And I was like, "i'm so excited to be here at boston college." And they were like "it's boston college." it's about the vowels. It's about the vowels, exactly, yes. Do you guys like boston? Yeah, I love boston. I was there this weekend. You were? I went to schlow's wedding. We took the train, which I love. I love trains better than planes now. They're more luxurious, and you don't have to take off your shoes. Yes, very simple. Yes, love that. Well, you get out of south street station. Yep, yep. There apparently, which i wasn't expecting, was a group of zombies. I said, "what's going on here?" They go, "it's a zombie march." I'm like, "a zombie match? Are they playing each other?" "No, a march." I'm like, "yes?" I said, "well, who's fighting who?" And they said, "they're marching." It was a zombie march. first of all, though, I wasn't expleecting to see zombies in the first place. That they were marching was something very unusual to me. It was then I realized, "hey, I'm in a foreign country, and i love this." Yeah. Yeah. And it was spectacular. Yeah. Yeah. I just love cities that are really unique to themselves, and I think boston is that way. The food, the culture, the way they talk -- it's an original. Well, it's true. They have a language all their own. Would you like to go through maybe some of the, you know -- translations? Boston translations? I don't think your man belongs in your closet. Jack would never want to be there, right? It's a girl thing to weed out your closet. Think it's important for men to have a say in what you're wearing. Jacque does that all the time. He'll make a suggestion, but to be controlling and say, get rid of this, get rid of your entire wardrobe is too much. When you first meet your future give rlfriend on a video for the first time. And she's buck naked. You want her to have -- a band aid is more clothes than before. I think that, first of all, i don't think men generally care what women wear, unless we're going out somewhere and you're doing something so revealing i might have to fight. Then it's like -- it's a good point. Baby, I don't want to fight. Please put some clothes on. I think she's come a long way from the video. From nothing on to -- from nothing to now. To fur boots is, yeah. Isn't it more vice versa. I buy clothes for my husband. Women don't want to be emba embarrassed by you. Krou not going wear that, are you? I think he's so not interested in it. He tends to just buy the same three ingredients. That happens a lot. I come home with the same throw things over and over. I have 18 of three things in my closet. Women collect a lot of stuff. It's probably time to clean out the closet. There's a heck of a lot going on in that close et. Would it annoy you if your wife is -- is she trying to change you? Women never see you for what you are. They see you for what you're going to be. Like a mr. Potato head. You can take a job and put it over here, and I got a man. I think women tend to always try to remake you. I think when you're very young, you resist. Later on, you're like, I'm a canvas. I'm a potato head. I think it takes two. You know, people share their ideas and what they think looks good on you. It's a partner thing. I think partners do that with each other all the time. When women say partners all the time, they mean them and you shut up and do it. Like -- I just never have cared. I think women tend to want you to look a certain way for a certain function. If you have been -- you go, are you going to wear that? They have an idea of how they want you to look. They know how you're supposed to look in almost every circumstances. Every time they do, I say, no, I wouldn't do that. I'll say, on behalf of all men, we need the help. So thank you very much. And hey, everybody, d.L., counte countess. Thank you, d.L. quickly, by the way, if you want more of d.L., See him live september 4th at the belt theater in charlotte, north

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{"id":17096754,"title":"Should Your Significant Other Have a Say in Your Wardrobe?","duration":"3:00","description":"D.L. Hughley and Countess Luann De Lesseps discuss balancing relationships and fashion.","url":"/GMA/video/significant-wardrobe-17096754","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}