Sikh Temple Shooting: 6 Dead in Wisconsin

Authorities investigating the shooting as an act of domestic terror.
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sikh Temple Shooting: 6 Dead in Wisconsin
the shooting at the sikh temple outside milwaukee. Seven are dead, including the shooter. Alex perez is in oak creek this morning. Good morning, alex. Reporter: Good morning, george. Authorities are calling the officers who confronted that shooter heroes. Officers say that their gunman used a 0.9 mm semiautomatic pistol. Teams of investigators raided the suspected gunman's home on sunday. Looking for clues to explain the deadly rampage. Authorities have not released his identity. They believe me may have been a white supremacist. HE WAS A WHITE MALE IN HIS 40s With tattoos. The shooting began around 10:30 sunday morning as many inside the temple were gathering for worship. The first shots came outside. As the shooter approached the building and opened fire, killing two before heading into the temple. Horrified members of the temple hid in closets, sheltering children if a spray of bullets. That's when this man got a call inside the temple. They called me from my dad's hone. He's shot on the ground. My mom hiding in the closet. Reporter: He later learned his father, the temple president, was among the four killed inside. He died defending the rest of the people. So he lives to his words. Reporter: The gunman was killed by a police officer outside after he ambushed another officer trying to help a victim. Hey stopped this from beings where than it could have been. Reporter: Outside the item, confusion continued. Police received so many calls for help, they initially feared there was a second gunman. It's believed that the reports of multiple shooters were likely reports of the same shooter from different perspectives. Reporter: When it was finally over, those inside were brought to this local bowling alley. You can see the fear on the faces. Thank god we're just alived. Reporter: The sikh faith is not connected to islam. The sikhs have been targeted SINCE SEPTEMBER 11th. Authorities are trying to see if this is motivated by hate.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Authorities investigating the shooting as an act of domestic terror.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"16937650","title":"Sikh Temple Shooting: 6 Dead in Wisconsin","url":"/GMA/video/sikh-temple-shooting-dead-oak-creek-wisconsin-suspected-16937650"}