Sarah Jessica Parker to Launch Shoe Line; Cowell Egged on Live TV

People magazine's Larry Hackett discusses stories that have had Hollywood buzzing.
3:28 | 06/10/13

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Transcript for Sarah Jessica Parker to Launch Shoe Line; Cowell Egged on Live TV
We'll kick off the "heat index." What's trending right now including an accessory line for sarah jessica parker and we have our managing editor of "people" magazine. Sarah jessica parker and manolo, what took so long? I'm reaching the end of my lymph expertise. They make sense. A great idea. We'll have to see how they look. The show has been off for awhile. I know the price point relatively speaking is lower than the clothing the woman wore on the shoe. Relatively. Relatively. I mean, very -- in new york where we live in, they're like $200 or $300 for the shoes. It's not like a bargain line. Not acceptable for everyone. Not, again, what these ladies wore on the show. To your question, I have no idea why it took so long, but better late than never. She did a fashion line for halston and I'm sure it will do quite well even though the show has been off the air she's still synonymous with style and shoes especially. For what a thousand dollars. Even more. Easily. So -- snap them up. Thank you. Tonys last night, neil patrick harris kills it again. What a superstar. Exactly. He's going to be the emmys host in the fall. The billy crystal of this. He is fantastic. The greatest ad for broadway that you could get. Incredibly entertaining, funny, huge owe vague and had the nerve to make fun of mike tyson which is a guy that -- yeah, someone who spent an elevator ride with mike tyson. Scary things to do. One of those triple quadruple threats. He's an entertainer. Love to see him. Yes, yes. And I'm sure the show could contain him. Like he's got a personality in the middle of all that doing dance steps and singing numbers and people are flying around and winks into the camera. It's like come on. Him and hugh jackman, the only guy tass could do it. And the boy, sam, that bar is high. We'll see. But also what robin was talking about your favorite moment of the night. Cicely tyson, after 30 years since she's been on broadway and her acceptance speech was -- so wonderful. Many of us grew up with her. The great things she was in. To see her honored like that. Meant a lot to her. Meant a lot to her too. You could tell. Real crowning achievement. Night quite as noble a moment for samele cowell on "britain's got talent." He got a little bit of a surprise. Take a look. ♪ And now -- ♪ right there -- contest want was on the show, part of the viola section. He got a little bit of it. Kind of strange. Do you think he was in on it? Life is hard enough for our viola player. Now you're an egg throwing viola player. I depth see what your future was. Her aim was incredible. For a country that doesn't play throwing games, she did incredibly well. All right, thanks a lot. Always good to have you here. Your insight is just -- I get up early for this. Now on our "gma" "heat

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{"id":19363622,"title":"Sarah Jessica Parker to Launch Shoe Line; Cowell Egged on Live TV","duration":"3:28","description":"People magazine's Larry Hackett discusses stories that have had Hollywood buzzing.","url":"/GMA/video/simon-cowell-egged-britains-talent-sarah-jessica-parker-19363622","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}