Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman Affair: New Photos Emerge

The "X-Factor" creator may find himself caught in the middle of a nasty custody battle.
2:44 | 08/04/13

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Transcript for Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman Affair: New Photos Emerge
Test Text1 i AND THERE ARE NEW PICTURES Surfacing this morning of simon cowell and his friend's wife who is now carrying simon's baby making out on a boat last year. And new questions are bubbling up about whether the boatload of bad press could end up hurting his career. On top of this there is a legal battle between the baby momma and her current husband and abc's linzie janis is trying to track all the various strands of this. Trying be the operative word there. Good morning, guys. You could argue simon cowell is creating more drama in his personal life than he ever has on tv. Put himself smack in the middle of what's looking like a nasty divorce and custody battle. Paparazzi snaps snow a distracted looking lauren silverman toy shopping with her 7-year-old son in the hamptons this weekend. The new york socialite carrying simon cowell's love child was reportedly taking a break from crisis talks with her husband andrew silverman over custody of their son. According to website tmz her friends saying she's crying foul saying her hubby knew all along that she and cowell were seeing each other. Since the news broke -- Reporter: Also cowell is reportedly worried the scandal could be a disaster tore his public image. Nasty, nasty. Reporter: Nicknamed mr. Nasty for his ruthless judgment on "the x factor" -- never ever ever again. It's a resounding no. Reporter: Cowell is allegedly worried even he can't get away with being this bad. I think part of the fact that simon cowell's kind of the guy we love to hate is actually going to help him through an incident like this. I can only imagine if it was ryan seacrest with a clean-cut image they would be designated by this but I think simon cowell will survive. As for the man scorned tmz quotes sores saying andrew wants to make his ex-friend pay dearly. Expressing shock over these newly released photos of the pair apparently kissing a year ago on a yacht he says he chartered. Mr. Silverman is also reportedly threatening to sue for sole custody of his son on the basis of the fact his mother is an unfit mother. What's clear we don't know the truth. There are three people in the world that know what they knew and when they knew it and it's up to them to work it out. I just wanted -- Reporter: Until then there will likely be no shortage of interest in this public and messy love triangle. According to at least one media report simon cowell is seeking solace in the south of france. Apparently he's gone on a month-long vacation. That's what you do when things get complicated. Head to saint-tropez. We did hear his mother is excited about being a grandmother. At least some good news. I suppose. Going to the south of france. Coming up on "gma" a new

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{"id":19865208,"title":"Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman Affair: New Photos Emerge","duration":"2:44","description":"The \"X-Factor\" creator may find himself caught in the middle of a nasty custody battle.","url":"/GMA/video/simon-cowell-lauren-silverman-affair-photos-emerge-19865208","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}