Singing Nuns Top Major Billboard Charts

A group of singing nuns released a hit record.
2:23 | 06/16/13

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Transcript for Singing Nuns Top Major Billboard Charts
One of the most unlikely hit records. In memory take a look at who is at the top one of the major billboard charts this morning a group of nuns. -- Benedict teens of Mary queen of apostles these women do not live like pop stars and ABC's Taina Hernandez. Has their story. Review those notes again and see if we can put it together system. It's a story right out of Whoopi Goldberg movie sister act -- -- that comes together through music. But these. He's sisters -- -- -- active there the whole. Show Bennett eighteen to Mary queen of apostles had reached number one on billboard's classical traditional music chart critics see it straight clean. People out there -- are able to experience the in the tranquility and his handlers here and then on the steering the group that sister's lead -- humble life. We seeing as I -- because we love god there's really no other reason. And our hearts are just full to overflowing and singing is a natural way to express -- -- His sisters spend their days doing farm -- taking classes. Crafting -- for priest. And of course praying. They're -- surprise success came as an answer to those prayers. Angels and saints an -- is garnering funds and attention for their monastery. Sisters even became the subject of a documentary. I was surprised how well they sang I was already convinced that -- the quality of their singing. With -- and never occurred to me in -- might be benedictine nuns. In the middle of the United States. But -- sister act. -- -- We might make committed CD late night I just want us who Luke community that lives like only given two. Music is part of how these nuns worship so they -- -- for -- -- several hours a day but they only speak for one hour -- -- so many of the -- have no idea there's such a hit. The head of their -- says it's not an important matter to discuss. And she hasn't mentioned that's. Really hasn't mentioned -- like true stars they leave their fans on pins and needles they may make another CD they may not that's right we'll just have to wait. I -- thank you can imagine.

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{"id":19413764,"title":"Singing Nuns Top Major Billboard Charts","duration":"2:23","description":"A group of singing nuns released a hit record.","url":"/GMA/video/singing-nuns-top-major-billboard-charts-19413764","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}