Single Women Plan Wedding Before the Ring: New Trend

Marie Claire magazine spotlights the growing trend among single women.
4:54 | 01/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Single Women Plan Wedding Before the Ring: New Trend
New trend we spotted the latest issue of Marie Claire magazine women planning their perfect wedding day. Way before she even had a ring on their finger or. Of room to walk them down the -- Major canning is back. With the story how Reiman an alumnus I'm mad as around Lance single friends out there this growing number of fiance -- women aren't just dreaming of their fantasy wedding as so many -- have they're actually doing something about it. Not only do they have they're down picked out but also the flowers the menu the music to be played at the reception and even where they'll go on their honeymoon. -- fairy tale isn't close to play -- like this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Some women are now doing things. -- does not afraid to put the -- -- -- -- Finalize the wedding plans before the proposal and American. So there's even -- name for this new kind of fearless -- desperate female thus single -- Dele. Can guard -- was accused of -- -- -- increases he fairy tale wedding. V I seriously -- his dream weddings since -- was ten years old yeah. On -- C say yes to the -- this -- -- drives kicked out of grass before her boyfriend even popped the questions. -- -- From my -- him. -- yeah admits she's not a inviting concessions since she was a little girls. Now I'm 26 years old and writer from Philadelphia has only been dating her new man -- apart over a month. -- actually calling her boyfriend yet he already has two wedding dress is ready to go just in case someone Luke. Be well -- yeah it's my grandmother stress. From the 1940s. And it's really happy. And it's as long -- -- I'd love. You have another -- I did yesterday I showed -- I -- -- -- show this really if you fall -- second track and this cost you how much sometimes there are definitely people out there who were going to be like honey you're getting ahead of yourself Larry. -- -- -- What they're really because I'm gonna have the last laugh when I save a lot of money and still have a fabulous what -- -- -- -- The planning now for the future fantasy wedding was totally. -- centerpieces. Stacks of bridal magazine. -- sketches this is my wonderful folder of -- wedding stuff in the Tarrant now amusement rides and -- flowers and cakes and and he apparently he's right is soaring gas. -- is watching us. What do you like whoa. Should guide the -- -- and that's what the what -- I consumer would be scary. That is why I don't like running around showing people all of the things that I collected. My friendship with me all the time -- like so you can get -- a month after you get engaged right and my staff probably. 23 year old Sarah bush has been. Been dating habits -- -- ten years. No proposal yeah. She does have a online inspiration boards of health plan the big day this vote doesn't exactly exist yet. I have my wedding invitation but I have picked out. They are very few -- I have two different -- can be picked up her bridesmaids have even been chosen and not only does she have her own dress picked out. But she's -- -- there's too. Well almost. I have three different styles the one I loved the mess is at this beautiful seersucker dress I have an 89 point one because my wedding colors are and it keeps on -- easy. Owner of the famous bridal would you mind -- it's hard to. -- before the horse can be foolish decision as to exchange rate changes styles. So -- to do that way ahead there are ready made very difficult thing. Maybe they're so hard inexpensive. Both the DC dreamers -- no excuses. I'd been planning a wedding. Puzzled -- -- you know when it's more like I had barbies and get married over and over and over again I -- myself a promise that for every hour I spend wedding planning that I'm -- Kennedy -- I'm actually looking. And the popular wedding site the -- which is aimed at brides now attracts a large number of -- wanna -- to a special topics message board called. Not engage yet and second in traffic on the site -- Josh just said. Not for him -- -- ladies sorry son he hadn't and other -- he had. Our lions but here yesterday well yeah. -- her camera could thank you Robin.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"Marie Claire magazine spotlights the growing trend among single women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15428037","title":"Single Women Plan Wedding Before the Ring: New Trend","url":"/GMA/video/single-bridezillas-trend-women-planing-wedding-ring-15428037"}